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Topsy Turvy Update: Still Ugly, but the Tomatoes are Yummy

Tomato Bounty (Custom)At the end of June I posted a summary of my 2008 Topsy Turvy failure and my 2009 outline for success in Topsy Turvy: Ugly as Stink But Good Tomatoes.

And a sucess it was!  In August and September, I have had more tomatoes than I knew what to do with.  It’s mid- September, and they are still going strong.  I walk by and pick a few off for snacks, cook some, freeze some, dry some, and give them away and still I have tons leftover.

So now I spend my rockin’ weekends putting them by in various ways.  These Sweet Heart Grape Heirlooms are so sweet and meaty that I just couldn’t bear freezing them.  So the lucky fellas got oven-dried overnight and will be preserved in olive oil for pizzas and pasta.

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