Bee Swarm At UBC Farm

Honey Bee Swarm

Information on why honey bees swarm via Wikipedia.

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  1. Lea
    LeaMay 30,12

    Very interesting!
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  2. Melanie
    MelanieJune 8,12

    Wow that is COOL. I’ve never seen a honey bee swarm.

  3. sherry bradley
    sherry bradleyJune 17,12

    In Southeast Texas, at least in my area, our honeybees are very few. In fact, my last garden had to be hand pollinated. The yield was low as we also needed rainfall. I so wish that people would understand that we are killing our bees with products like weed killer and many others. We will begin to have food shortages that are very serious in the future if these practices are not stopped. Spread the word, and lets go GREEN.
    Good to see the bees, even if only a picture.
    Sherry Bradley

  4. Alys Milner
    Alys MilnerSeptember 4,12

    What a gorgeous photo! Very cool.

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