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Blood Orange And Raspberry Jam On ToastSmall

Blood Orange and Raspberry Jam Recipe

Some things seem to be drawn together organically, like the flavors of blood orange and raspberry.  It’s citrus season here in the winter- the only time of the year blood oranges are available. Since raspberries are abundant in late summer, this jam recipe is prepared for over 6 months.  Despite having very different seasons, the tie between these two fruits is undeniable. …

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If You Havent Yet Tried Preserved Lemons Now Is The Time

Preserved Lemons Recipe

If you haven’t yet tried preserved lemons, now is the time.  Primarily used in Moroccan cooking, this unique salty citrus flavour quickly makes an amazing dish out of chicken or fish and adds lift to sautéed vegetables or beans.  This recipe has only two ingredients, so choose them wisely.  Organic lemons are the only ones I ever use for preserving as the rind will have less …

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Blueberry Raspberry Strawberry And Blackberry Infused Vodka And New Years Eve Cocktail Recipes

Blueberry & Blackberry Infused Vodka + New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes

If you are having a  New Year’s Eve bash this year, infused vodkas make a festive basis for some fabulous cocktails.  Or perhaps you are lucky enough to be attending a soiree held by someone else?  A fruity infused vodka makes a perfect hostess gift and is much more original than wine.  Start them now and they’ll be perfectly flavour-infused by the big night. …

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how to make bath bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

Love those awesome fizzing bath bombs but don’t want to spend $6 a piece?  It’s easy to make your own with natural ingredients that soften your skin. As this recipe is part of the Natural Skincare Series, the ingredients are natural and safe.  While there are many other recipes that recommend using synthetic fragrance and coloring, there are many options available that are 100% …

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Personal Sized Apple Pies

Personal-Sized Apple Pies

This past weekend we served up freshly harvested apples as mini pies topped with dulce de leche ice cream and caramel sauce.  Personal-sized pies offer modern take on apple pie and ice cream that adds just enough flair to top off an elegant autumn dinner.  And, really, who doesn’t like getting a whole mini pie all to themselves?  Here is the recipe for 12 of them: Basic …

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Black And Blue Berry Jam On Toast Small

Black and Blue Berry Jam Recipe

I just can’t stop eating the scrumptious blackberry and blueberry I made this past weekend.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it tastes this good, I mean these two fruits were obviously meant to go together: they grew only steps from each other. When went for my annual wild blackberry picking pilgrimage, I stopped off at my favorite organic blueberry …

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