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Free Canning Labels: Berries Design

I’m taking a break from the super busy canning season to post some brand new free canning labels! You may already be using some of the previous designs which you can find here and here. As you well know by now, I’m a big fan of making the presentation of the jar match the vibrant flavours inside and this new design is sure to meet the challenge!

Download These Free Printable Canning Labels from Garden Therapy - Berry Design in Three Colours

Inspired by berry season (which is now mostly packed tightly away in my pantry and freezer), these designs are a pretty way to label up all the jams, jellies, conserves, and compotes. Let’s not forget that special little flower that also ripens when the berries, figs.

Free download of jam labels for printing

Berries and figs are fruit we really only see fresh in the summer. You may see small, plastic, clam packs of them at the grocer at other times of the year, but the prices are so crazy and the flavour just isn’t there. I enjoy summer fruit by the handfuls, but then I capture it at just the perfect moment and jam it into a jar for the rest of the year. While I’m sad to see the fresh berries and figs have dried up, I’m glad that I have a full larder of summer preserves for the rest of the year.

Free Printable Canning Labels for jams and preserves - cute berry design in 3 colors

So go ahead, take those luscious berry (and fig) jams and pretty them up. It’s nicer than permanent marker and the price is right – totally free!

download and print these free canning labels for berry jams - so cute!

There is both a 2″ and 2.5″ version that you can download to print and label by hand. Or if you are making jam for the masses, you can type right into the PDF document and save the hand cramps labeling dozens of lids.



Garden Therapy has lots of free canning labels to download

If you haven’t yet seen them all, I have TONS of free printables and various freebies here on Garden Therapy. Please print out a quote for your wall, a seed packet to give as a gift, or a calendar for your desktop. Just my little way of thanking you for being you!


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