Gorgeous Handmade Honey Soap Recipe

All-Natural Honey Soap Recipe

UPDATE: The original post that was published here for Handmade Honey Soap was submitted as a guest post from an author and the publisher of a handmade soap book. I’m disappointed to say that the reviews of the book have been poor both online and for this recipe in particular. I have decided to remove the original post and recreate a recipe that can be successfully made by beginners and experienced soap-makers alike.

Please visit this post for a sweet honeycomb soap recipe.

You can also visit this post on How to Make Cold-Process Soap or visit the Natural Skincare Series of posts.

  1. Amber
    AmberDecember 14,14

    If I dont use beeswax, will the amounts for the other ingredients have to be changed?

    • Stephanie
      StephanieDecember 16,14

      Hi Amber, it’s really important to follow recipes for cold-process soap exactly. If you want soap without beeswax, I would look for a recipe without it. Thanks!

  2. Sylvia
    SylviaDecember 16,14

    There appears to be a number missing in the gm amount for the olive oil. 68.2gm would certainly not be enough to make this work.

  3. Ana
    AnaDecember 19,14

    Hi, I am so loving your site! I really love this soap idea….but, being late to,the game…is there another source for a recipe or otherwise that makes something close without the month-long curing process? Lol. Next year, I begin earlier!! Thanks for posting all these fab things up!

  4. Ana
    AnaDecember 19,14

    Never mind! I just read a little bit deeper, I guess I can try the melt & mold soap instead, I recall seeing those blocks at the craft stores. How fun! Thanks for the fab ideas! Still hope to find a honey soap recipe, however….fabulous! Reminds me of candles I’ve seen that are made from those beeswax, imprinted wax sheets, they are molded, rolled into the shape of beehives, usually, they stick little fuzzy faux bees onto thev’hive’ with thin wire to make them look like they’re flying around. That looks simple enough to try, yet to the receiver, like you have some special skill & a lot of time! Lol. All would be cute in a basket with a jar of local honey, Brie, crackers, local jam…some honey themed goodies or candies…. Honey tea, lol. I really love honey! Even a homemade ‘bee house’! My daughter made one at camp, it was tightly packed paper straw like tubes in a paper take-out soup cup! I guess that’s where the bees like to lay eggs. Oh, seeds for a bee & butterfly garden! So fun!!

  5. Barbara
    BarbaraFebruary 6,15

    I bought this book about month ago and a week ago i decided to make one of those soaps from the book. It supoosed to be :Lavender soap ” belive me it was not even close to a soap.The whole book its a scam . Those pictures of soaps are not related to the recipes . And soap that is made just with olive oil and sodium hydroxide ??? What is that ? or with beeswax?

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseJanuary 18,16

      Hi Barbara, I’m really very sorry to hear this.

    • Karen
      KarenFebruary 14,17

      Hi Barbara, soap made with just olive oil and sodium hydroxide is called “Castile” soap & it should cure actually for at least 6 months to a year. I did make the soap that was on here previously and it didn’t come out well at all. As a matter of fact, it was the worst soap I’ve ever made.

  6. Nina
    NinaMarch 9,15

    Barbara – I am researching getting into the soap making industry as a branch off of our beekeeping business. I am wondering about which book you are talking about that was such a scam?

    • Ella
      EllaJanuary 18,16

      Nina, Barbara is talking about the book mentioned above “The best natural homemade soaps” by Mar Gomez. It is terrible book, I agree with her.

  7. Nina
    NinaMarch 9,15

    Stephanie – where do you recommend that I begin my soap making journey?

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseJanuary 18,16

      Hi Nina, if you can take a class locally it would really be the best place to start. I took one, then more and more because there is so much to learn.

  8. CastileSoap.com
    CastileSoap.comAugust 31,15

    I have never seen a soap bar look just like honeycomb – what a neat and original idea. We will try to follow this recipe to see if we can come up with the same results <3

  9. Kat
    KatApril 29,16

    Why is there so much crap to wade through on this site? You follow a link for a recipe because that’s what you’re looking for…a recipe…not endless ads. Fastest way to get me to leave a site and never return…

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseApril 29,16

      Dear Kat,

      I’m sorry that you are frustrated with the post. We do a lot of work to support authors and help them launch their new books by sharing a project or recipe with us as a guest article. The book that this recipe was in got some bad reviews, so I tested some of the recipes and I was disappointed with the outcome. So I removed the recipe, stated why, and added a link to how to properly make soap.

      Regarding the ads, I’m sorry that they have offended you. They help me to pay the bills and cover the costs of running a website with over 700 free DIY projects for gardeners and crafters. I also sell books which are completely ad free, but of course there is a cost upfront to buy them.

      Please know that your comments were read by a real person who works tirelessly to make this a great website. I’m sorry that you do not agree.


      Stephanie Rose

  10. moh
    mohAugust 3,16

    I like this site . tanks

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