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Ornamental Edibles: Grow an Artful Potager Vegetable Garden – You Can Eat!

Foodscaping, or landscaping using ornamental edibles, is all the rage this season, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Growing food is a wonderful way to feed yourself, your family, and your community. And with all of the beautiful edible plant varieties out there, you can look great doing it!

Grow an Ornamental Edibles Garden

Note: This seed starting kit is no longer for sale.

I’ve put together a DIY kit that has everything you need to grow your own edible garden that is as beautiful as it is delicious. You don’t need a vegetable garden to grow these edible plants – they are so attractive you can grow them right in your flower beds or front yard!

Ornamental Edibles seed packets

These plants will help you grow the perfect potager, where vegetable gardens are so much more than just neat rows of carrots and lettuce. These are ornamental plants that look just as wonderful in the garden as they will on your plate.

I’ve chosen plants that are all beautiful but still produce a high yield of food, so you’ll need an easy way to harvest your bounty. That’s why I’ve included a Roo Apron in the kit.

Roo Apron with Ornamental Edibles Seed Collection

The apron has a large carry pouch (hence the name Roo, as in kangaroo) for you to store your produce in as you harvest it. When you’re done, simply open up the chute at the bottom of the pouch to gently deposit your bounty. It is machine washable, has adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit, plus it is stylish and purple (which matches some of the veggies in the kit nicely)!

Here is a video where you can see the Roo in action:

YouTube video

Pretty cool, huh?

The seeds in this collection are all the most beautiful ornamental edibles with great flavors that I could find, and to make things even simpler, they are all direct sow seeds. That means you don’t have to fiddle with seed starting indoors—just plant these directly in the soil outside and watch them grow!

Here are the seeds that come in the Limited Edition Ornamental Edibles Kit and why I chose each one.

Double Red Sweet Corn

Double Red Sweet Corn

Every part of this plant is ornamental! The corn has brilliantly colored kernels in shades of red to purple on beautiful red stalks with red husks. It produces a high yield of delicious sweet corn early in the season!

Glass Gem Ornamental Corn

Glass Gem Ornamental CornThe name says it all, this variety is a gem! The iridescent shiny glass-like kernels will glisten in the fall sunshine. Its beautiful unique appearance makes for gorgeous fall table decor! The multi-colored kernels can be popped or ground into flour.

Rainbow Swiss Chard Blend

Rainbow Chard

Eat your greens! And all your other colors. The beautiful mix of red, yellow, orange, pink, and white stems have dark green, multi-colored veined savoy leaves which will add depth and texture to your greens mix. These greens are delicious fresh or cooked. Harvest them at the tender baby stage or when they are mature. Grow them in containers or flowerbeds for a unique, vibrant display.

Purple Pod Bean

Purple Pod BeanThis one is a ton of fun because it changes color when you cook it! This pretty purple pod is essentially a green bean disguised in a violet hued skin. This shapeshifter reveals its neon green flesh when cooked. A vigorous climber, the plant reaches up to 6’ with an attractive vine covered in purple flowers and rich violet-hued pods.

Speckled Lettuce

Speckled LettuceThis buttery tasting heirloom lettuce has splashes of red on the leaves that give it an appealing look both in the garden and on your plate. Lettuce thrives in a container and this variety is so pretty that you might want a few planters full in a focal point on your deck or patio.

Santee Broccoli

Purple Santee BroccoliPurple is all the rage this year, even in the veggie garden! This gorgeous purple sprouting broccoli makes a pretty border plant. The small heads bunch evenly and are the perfect size for cooking, dipping, and salads. Stalks have a sweet flavor, especially when the cold starts to set in.

Red Velvet Lettuce

Red Velvet LettuceYou eat this lettuce with your eyes first, but your taste buds will reassure your choice with one bite! The vivid maroon-colored leaves have rich color and green tints toward the base of the head. Easy to grow and looks gorgeous interplanted with flowers!


  1. This looks great! I love the idea of using edible plants to create a beautiful landscape. As much as I’ve read about it I have yet to find and examples to follow. Do you include a program that shows a layout one could follow? I know tall plants to the back and so forth but it would be nice to have an actual guide that’s says “plant thus here.”

    • Great question, Val. The kit comes with a seed and culture guide that gives a lot of information on growing them and where they can work in the garden. There corn would be planted in blocks of 10 plants at the back of a sunny garden as a feature. The chard and broccoli would go in the middle of the bed, and the lettuce would line the front border. These can also be incorporated into an existing garden bed this way, or planted together as a complete, ornamental and edible garden.


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