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Painted Bottle Vases

Hi there Garden Therapy readers! I’m Hanna from Pearls and Scissors and I’d like to share a recycling project with you. I’m a huge fan of killing multiple birds with one stone, and this DIY project is no exception. I had a pile of jars and glass bottles that I wanted to put to better use and a dire need for vases, so I created some simple jar and bottle vases with glass and ceramic paint.

 hand painted vase DIY project


  • Glass jars and/or bottles
  • Glass and/or ceramica paint (made for painting on glass or ceramic dishes)
  • Smaller paintbrushes
  • Water for rinsing the brushes
  • Tape


First of all, clean your jars and bottles removing all labels. I do this by letting them sit in hot water for a few hours until the labels start to come off. Then I wash the surface and dry them. In order for the paint to stick properly to the glass, it is good to clean it with pure alcohol before painting.

 how to paint a bottle vase

We used two different types of techniques to create our vases.

1. You can draw on your jar or bottle freehand, which gives you endless possibilities to create something unique. My friend Anneliis is good at drawing, so she opted for the the freehand method and created a spiral surface, starting from the center of the bottle and working her way around the bottle adding more spirals next to each other.

2. Or, you can use a more foolproof method of taping. I’m bad at drawing, so I chose a simpler method for creating my abstract pattern. The bottle was created by taping long strips of tape along the bottle in different angles, and then painting the uncovered areas in differerent colors. After the paint has dried, remove the tape.

taped jar vase project tutorial

Here I created two triangles inside each other on one side and one triangle on the other side of the jar with tape and painted the insides of the triangles.

 DIY bottle vase painting project


After the vases have dried for 24 hours, you probably have to bake them in the oven. Be careful to read the instructions that come with the paint and follow them by the letter. If you did, you can enjoy your new lovely vases. I’m holding my graduation flowers in mine.


A special thanks to the amazingly talented Hanna from Pearls and Scissors and her pal, Anneliis, for creating this fabulous tutorial for us all. Check out Hanna’s website for more creative projects and you’ll also see her mad sewing skills.


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