How to make a fruit fly trap

Quick and Easy Fruit Fly Trap

This fruit fly trap will clear out your kitchen in no time at all and it’s super easy.

How to make a fruit fly trap that works

What’s worse than fruit flies?  Well, mosquitoes are definitely worse but I made some citronella candles and all-natural bug spray to keep them away. Oh, and yellow jackets are also a pain but I made a recycled bottle wasp trap for those. Now it’s time to stick it to those icky fruit flies with another all natural and simple solution.


  • small glass bowl
  • wine or juice
  • dish soap
  • plastic wrap
  • bamboo skewer


1. Fill a small glass bowl with some wine or a little juice and a piece of the fruit that the flies are so in love with. Just a plain syrup will not work as well. Fruit flies are looking for some yummy rotting fruit so they can lay their eggs in it so use rotting fruit to lure them into your trap.

As a side note: Eeeewwww! Yes, this means they will lay eggs that turn into baby flies which we know are, well, I don’t think I need to say more. These are not fun pets is all.

How to make a fruit fly trap

2. Put a few drops of dish soap in the liquid.

3. Cover tightly with a piece of plastic wrap and poke a few holes in with the bamboo skewer. Make sure the holes are big enough that they can find their way in to their demise da da dum.

How to make a fruit fly trap

4. Remove all temptation from the area (ie: move the offending fruit) and place the trap in it’s spot. Clean out when full and start again if the problem persists. It usually takes me only one trap full to get rid of them as I don’t let it get too out of hand.

How to make a fruit fly trap

Even though I’m giddy about killing fruit flies, warding off mosquitoes, and trapping wasps, I do love insects as a whole. I know their value to the garden and earth, and respect their world.  If you want to see the good side of creep crawlers: learn more about beneficial insects for the garden learn how to build a bug hotel, check out this cool spider ball, this goldenrod crab spider, and this honeybee swarm. Yay for bugs! Just not on me. Or my fruit.



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  1. Tom
    TomAugust 10,13

    I like it. If you would like to get all medieval on the little buggers, this worked for me.

    (requires an in sink garberator)

    1. have a liter or two ready in a quick pour jar
    2. put a chunk of the fruit-du-jour in the garberator before going to bed
    3. have drain screen ready for deployment
    4. when getting up in the morning, put screen over drain, hit the garberator switch, and pour water in.

    The tiny screams of perishing fruit flies will bring a sense of satisfaction, and do away with them at the same time!

    (I am serious, this worked great, and did away with all but one fly. I assume he flew off to warn his friends to stay away)

  2. Geeze
    GeezeAugust 15,13

    Dishwater soap did the trick for me.

  3. samz
    samzSeptember 22,13

    Great post really helpful thanks for posting.

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