Pea Trellis Project Tutorial Medium

Making a Pea Trellis with Kids

This simple project is a great way to get the kids out in the garden for a little free labour…{ahem} I mean garden therapy.

Spring is the time to plant peas out in the garden.  Seeds germinate well in cool soil so plants have a strong start by the time summer hits.  I like to start my peas indoors then move the little vines out when they are strong enough, but you can also buy started pea plants at nurseries and farmers market this time of year.

When you plant your peas they will start to ramble and tangle along the ground and the sweet tips get munched on by just about any vegetable loving creature you can imagine (slugs, snails, the darn dog!) so it’s nice to grow them vertically up a support.  The little vines cling and twine nicely around string, and this simple trellis is perfect to pack a lot of peas into a small area.



  • Bamboo poles of various lengths
  • A spool of garden twine
  • A garden helper


1. Stick two 6’ or longer bamboo poles into the soil on either side of your pea patch.

2.  Make a frame using two more bamboo poles that measure a few inches longer than the width of your side stakes.  Secure the poles together by tying twine around the poles where they cross in a figure eight pattern.

3. Using twine on a spool, tie one end of the twine to the bottom of one side of the bottom of the frame.  Run the twine up and over the top of the frame, and allow to drop back down.  Let your garden helper wind the twine around the frame over and over until you have reached the other side. Tie the twin in a knot on the end of the frame to secure.

4. Gently lift the tips of the pea plants and tuck their tendrils onto the twine.  The peas will take it from here.

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  1. Jenn
    JennApril 20,12

    This is a fabulous idea, can’t wait to put it into action. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Annie Haven | Authentic Haven Brand
    Annie Haven | Authentic Haven BrandApril 20,12

    Great post and what a beautiful garden Cheers my your harvest be bountiful

  3. breida @
    breida @ breidawithab.comApril 22,12

    Thanks for this! I was looking for a new way to support my peas this year and I think I’ll use this as my starting place! It’s just about time to get these guys the support they need!! My kids are so excited:

    I’ll be sure and link back here when I get my own project posted.

  4. Robin
    RobinApril 22,12

    I love this pea trellis! It’s much nicer then what I use around here and simple to make too!

  5. Kelly
    KellyApril 24,12

    the pea trellis is so easy and looks awesome! I am going to try it with my daughter this weekend. Thanks for sharing

  6. Donaville
    DonavilleApril 27,12

    Makes a wonderful statement to your beautiful yard. Does it hold up well to the elements? We’ve had strong winds in Southern Calif. as of late and I’m wondering if that would get knocked over.

  7. Stevie
    StevieApril 27,12

    Hi Donaville, I don’t think it would stand up well to high winds if it was completely exposed. I would suggest using it in a sheltered area (like my garden bed surrounded by a garage and a tree), or build braces to hold it up. This may require a few tools but should work well.

  8. k
    kJanuary 3,13

    Simple and wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  9. Tracy
    TracyMarch 28,13

    What a great idea, would this work for beans as well, or will beans be to heavy? I am new to gardening, lookinf for tips and tricks.

  10. Stevie
    StevieMarch 28,13

    Hi Tracy, it would work for beans too as long as your twine was strong enough. I would make it much taller though as pole beans can grow very tall. I usually harvest my peas while the beans are growing up another trellis in front. When the beans are ready, the peas are done.

  11. Lauren @momhomeguide
    Lauren @momhomeguideApril 27,13

    I like your woven pea trellis, but if we want something easier and quicker, we might try making this pea trellis! ;) My kids would love to help me with this!

    I just discovered your blog today, and I am loving it!

  12. lisa
    lisaMay 4,13

    Stupid question, but a newbie….where do I find bamboo?

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