DIY Mason Jar Garden Twine Dispenser Square

Mason Jar Garden Twine Dispenser

How wonderful that gardening supplies have entered the hip world of West Elm Market, Willams-Sonoma and Anthropologie (via their sister garden & home shop, Terrain). The range of tools and accessories surely inspires new gardeners to set up a little green in their outdoor spaces and gives more seasoned green-thumbs some new ideas.

How to Make a Mason Jar Garden Twine DispenserThe thing I have has my eye on for a while now is a twine dispenser. I really do use a lot of twine, be it for decorating craft projects like these Citronella CANdles, wrapping the greens on a Fresh Wreath, or Making a Pea Trellis. Knotted up balls of twine just slow me down so when I saw a few dispensers out there I was smitten…but WOW those are some prices!

This jute twine at Williams-Sonoma was “Handcrafted in Scotland by a company known for its high-quality garden twine since 1922” for a mere $14.95 USD /$18.22 CAD.

Williams-Sonoma Twine

This twine can from Terrain is made of “Reclaimed tin cans…repurposed into these useful twine dispensers, no two of which are exactly alike” regularly priced at $12.00 USD.

Terrain Twine Can

I get that not everyone has the time or inclination to make their own garden accouterments, but when a project is this easy, then why not? Go get some twine from your garden shed and a mason jar from your kitchen and let’s make one for nothing!


  • wide mouth glass jar with ring and snap lid
  • twine
  • pencil (optional)
  • card stock
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • letter stamps


1. Poke the pencil through the center of the twine roll. You do not need the pencil to hold the twine, but it helps the roll unravel a bit more easily when the jute twine is wrapped around the bottom of the roll. If your twine is in a messy ball somewhere, then the pencil will also help you wrangle it into a usable roll. Just wind the twine evenly around the pencil so that the height and width of the final roll fits into the jar. If you choose not to use the pencil, just go to the next step.

Jute Twine Roll

2. Insert the roll inside the jar, eraser side down (if using a pencil).

How to Make a DIY Garden Twine Dispenser

3. Use the snap lid as a template to cut the card stock into a circle. Use the hole punch to make a hole for the twine.

DIY Mason Jar card stock lid

4. Stamp or otherwise label the card stock lid.

Stamping Mason Jar Lid to customize label

5. Thread the twine through the hole and assemble the lid of the jar.

DIY Mason Jar Garden Twine Dispenser

For more ideas on DIY projects inspired by shop finds, check out these Chalkboard Painted Pots and Mason Jar Candles. There are plenty more ideas in the Weekend Projects Gallery as well.

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A city girl who learned to garden and it changed everything. Author, artist, Master Gardener. Better living through plants.

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  1. Paula@SweetPea
    [email protected]May 5,13

    Popping over from Hometalk to give you a second comment on the cuteness of this project. I love it and think it would make a great gift idea!

  2. Deebi27
    Deebi27May 29,13

    Functional and very usable…and most have this jars just hanging around for another project!

  3. Holly
    HollyJune 3,13

    I love this idea! Thanks for the inspiration – the possibilities are endless!

  4. Cindy Eikenberg
    Cindy EikenbergJune 4,13

    Such a great idea and I SO need this to keep my twine in check! Another great use for jars – pinning and thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  5. Elisabeth
    ElisabethOctober 2,13

    So cute!

  6. Amanda
    AmandaMarch 17,14

    Since Facebook is notorious for not letting page owners know when I tag them, I thought I would stop by myself and let you know I featured this post and my readers loved it!

  7. Farmlady
    FarmladyMarch 18,14

    I have so many canning jars just laying around and never know what to do with the ball of twine or string that sits in a drawer getting tangled up. NOW I DO. Thanks for the wonderful, inexpensive idea.
    I will do a post on my blog about this and link it to your website.

  8. Mister Tan
    Mister TanJune 2,15

    Could probably attach a small razor blade to the lid somewhere to conveniently cut the twine.

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