How to Maintain a Home Water Fountain

Fountains, Ponds, and Waterfalls: Choosing and Caring for a Garden Water Feature

There is something magical about water in the garden. It attracts people (young and old), pets, wildlife, and pollinators. It seems that everyone who enjoys a garden is drawn to the sound and the sight of water. A garden water feature adds interest to the garden and can be an anchoring focal point.A great resource for choosing and caring for a water feature including ponds, waterfalls and fountains

Water can be a showpiece or a part of a secret hideaway. Whether your garden is a small urban space or an expansive acreage, there is a water feature you can use to enhance your garden enjoyment. And this article lists a number of guides that will hopefully get your waterfall flowing in no time!

My Garden Water Feature Articles

As of late, I have become obsessed with garden water features. I have always had small-space water gardens somewhere from bird baths to wall fountains to a pond-in-a-pot. Recently I have been pouring over books, the internet, and visiting garden centers to get every shred of inspiration I can on water features.

When I first started reading about water gardening, I noticed that many of the articles were written for those who already had ponds or fountains installed. I wanted to find some information on what sort of water features were out there and how I could choose what is right for me. I have tried to break down this information in my water feature posts here on Garden Therapy.




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  1. Kiyel Williams
    Kiyel WilliamsAugust 29,16

    I share your obsession with decorative water fountains. My wife thinks that I am crazy, but I really love how soothing they are. I also liked your article about impressive fountains. There are some stunning pieces in there. Thank you for contributing to my obsession.

  2. Lynda
    LyndaSeptember 15,16

    There’s nothing better than the sound of water in the garden. It’s so relaxing – who doesn’t enjoy the birds, bloom, and sound of water? A fountain would be perfect in my garden since there’s no room for a pond.

  3. Sarah Anderson
    Sarah AndersonOctober 14,16

    I am also fairly obsessed with garden water features. That golden statue in the Impressive Fountains picture is very pretty. She is something I would love to own, but I don’t think I have what it takes to properly care for her.

  4. Shad Morris
    Shad MorrisNovember 30,16

    My wife and I really want to get some sort of water feature in our backyard, and we weren’t sure what to do. It makes sense that you would want to make sure that you will be able to clean it. That way, you won’t have to worry about it looking dirty, and not well kept.

  5. Rubber Pond Coating
    Rubber Pond CoatingApril 12,17

    Water features can become high maintenance, and in most cases the bigger the water feature is, the more time it takes to maintain it. Pondpro2000 has made it easy to maintain water feature without limitation of area.

  6. Kourtney
    KourtneyMay 3,17

    Sitting by a pond after a long day is nothing but relaxing, especially when it is at your own home! I love how to said it’s the “focal point” of the yard. That is so true, and it can add so much character to your yard. Finding the perfect one for you can enhance the appearance of your home and will bring wild life around as well!

  7. Ashley Maxwell
    Ashley MaxwellAugust 17,17

    Thanks for your comment about how water features in your garden could enhance it and allow you to enjoy it more. I didn’t know that water features could be anything from bird baths to fountains. My husband and I are thinking about having a decorative water fountain installed in my mother’s backyard garden for her birthday because we know that would make it look even better!

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