Three Tier Hanging Herb Garden

Three Tier Hanging Herb Planter

I just have to share this smart project from Martha Stewart Living‘s June 2013 issue: a three tier hanging herb planter. Even if you have a small outdoor space you can still grow plenty of herbs. I can even see this in a sunny window indoors, given the baskets are lined with a little plastic first. Once you have a hanging herb garden, you’ll want to learn some creative ways to preserve herbs.

Three Tier Hanging Herb Planter

From Good Things | Home and Garden Page 56: This tiered [herb garden] repurposes hanging mesh fruit baskets, which are lined with moisture retaining sphagnum moss, filled with potting soil, and then planted with herbs like sage, basil, and mint. Hang it in a sunny spot outdoors, and water it whenever the soil feels dry. Three-tier hanging wire basket, $13,

This hanging herb planter can be placed indoors or out. Make sure you know which herbs to grow indoors and which ones not to. Want even more hanging herb garden inspiration? Take a look at this sleek, vertical picture frame planter for a kitchen herb garden that’s part wall art.

Written by Kristin Flanagan. Photographs by Kate Mathis. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright ©2013.  For more gardening ideas, visit or pick up the current issue on stands now.

Martha Stewart Living June 2013


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  1. Sheila @sZinteriors
    Sheila @sZinteriorsMay 28,13

    This is such a great idea! I like DIYs like this!!

  2. Deebi27
    Deebi27May 29,13

    I am thinking this is a fab idea for next year… This years goodies are in the ground now and doing very well, don’t want to disturb! Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Linda
    LindaMay 29,13

    It’s a great idea and very pretty looking. I will get one:)

  4. Ed - Landscaper - Winfield
    Ed - Landscaper - WinfieldJune 4,13

    I agree with everyone else. This looks great. I could see a bunch of combinations that would look great on each tier in with one another. Thanks for posting this!

  5. Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs
    Meesh @ I Dream of ChairsJune 12,13

    You may turn by brown thumb around yet! ;) I’ve been thinking about an herb garden and I actually might be able to manage this…

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