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Discover the Beauty and Meaning of Herbs with these Free Herb Printables

If you’re looking for a way to bring your love of gardening to every area of your home, why not grab some of these beautiful free herb printables? These make fantastic decor for any plant lover.

You may have noticed how much we love herbs here at Garden Therapy. Naturally, we jump at any chance to celebrate (and decorate with) them! Debbie Wolfe from the fabulous blog, The Prudent Garden, created these beautiful herb printables. Even better? She’s kind enough to share them with all of us for free!

They are a gorgeous way to bring your appreciation of herbs into the home by displaying them on the wall, or give them away as gifts; each herb has a different meaning, so you can give personalized printables depending on the occasion.

herb wall art to download and print

Free Herb Printables with Herb Meanings

Herbs have been used for centuries as a medicine and to flavor food. Besides their usefulness in the kitchen and in beauty products, they are also some of the easiest plants to grow. These resilient little plants often grow in the toughest conditions and exhibit a simple beauty that will accent any garden.

While herbs hold a variety of wonderful properties, they also have special meanings. These meanings were derived mostly from their therapeutic properties.

Herbs and Their Meanings: Video

Here is a little video I made about the meanings of different herbs. It’s truly fascinating!

Meanings of Different Herbs

I (Debbie) made printables of 6 herbs below, that you can download and print. What to know what they symbolize? Keep reading!


This herb stands for remembrance and immortality. In fact, it has a history full of being used in times of solemn mourning.

Its use can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians who laid rosemary on coffins and tombstones. The connection of rosemary with mourning continued with the Greeks. Scholars used to wear garlands of rosemary on their heads to help memory during examinations.


Basil represents love and peace. Ironically, the first historical mention of it was before 206 B.C.E. when Chrysippus, a Greek stoic philosopher stated basil “exists only to drive men insane.” Why? Because Greeks and later Romans somehow had the theory that you’d only get a great crop of basil if you swore and ranted while you planted it.

Interestingly, the French still have a saying today, semer le basilic. This translates to “sowing the basil” and is used when someone is ranting and raving. As time went on, this herb began to be known for the tragic Italian love story between Lisabetta and Lorenzo in The Decameron.


This herb symbolizes joy and tranquility, which is pretty surprising since it’s such a powerful herb! Do you remember Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love? The ancient Greeks believed she created it as the herb of joy in her garden.

Then, in Elizabethan times, this tradition was continued as the herb was used to create good luck and good health.


This lovely herb stands for strength and courage.

The meaning of this herb is found in its name. “Thyme” is from the Greek word thymus that means “courage.” The Greeks used this herb to represent an elegant style. In the Middle Ages, it was a sign of chivalry and bravery.


You often hear about burnt sage being used to keep evil spirits away, but it also stands for strength and wisdom.

During the time of the Greeks, Romans, and even the Middle Ages, the white sage plant was used in ceremonies. It was also used medicinally to help keep fevers at bay and to keep people strong.


Parsley is known to represent gratitude and festivity, which is somewhat surprising considering how people first used to treat this herb. The ancient Greeks used it as a funeral herb. People used to make wreaths out of parsley and lay them on graves.

The symbolism changed throughout history and different cultures. The Hebrews used it in Passover to represent rebirth. In Medieval times, people were afraid to plant parsley. They thought the long germination period meant the seeds went to hell and back.


herb prints on display in a home office

Download And Print Free Herb Printables

I created a printable collection of herb prints that feature some of my favorite herbs. This project is an extension of the herb cards I designed for The Prudent Garden. I grow all of these in my zone 7 garden, and I must admit, rosemary is my favorite.

How to Mount the Herb Printables on Canvas

The herb prints are perfect to frame for an inexpensive display or mount them on canvases for a modern gallery look.


Herb prints supplies: printable, Mod Podge, and a sponge brush


*Cardstock works best for this project. Regular printer paper tends to wrinkle and cause the ink to bleed once the decoupage glue is applied.

Start by downloading and printing the herb designs. I’ve made two different options, one with a crisp, white background, and one made to look like the paper is vintage and weathered. Download the PDFs below:

Apply a generous layer of decoupage glue onto the surface of the canvas.

Applying decoupage glue to canvas with a foam brush

Center the print on the canvas. There will be overhang if you printed onto a standard 8.5×11 inch paper. Smooth down the print, working from the center out.

center the print on the canvas

Flip the canvas over and press against the back of the canvas to help smooth out the paper. Continue working out any bubbles you see by gently, but firmly rubbing the surface of the print. Let the canvas dry for about 10-15 minutes with the print side up.

use canvas to smooth out the surface of the paper

Once dried, flip trim off the excess paper with a sharp craft knife.

Trim excess paper with a craft knife

Apply a top coat of decoupage glue on the surface of the canvas and let it dry thoroughly.

applying a top coat of decoupage glue with a foam brush

Hang your artwork wherever you need herbal inspiration or an uplift in spirits.

display herb prints on the wall near a hanging houseplant


More Garden-Related Crafts to Try:

display herb prints on the wall near a hanging houseplant
Print Pin

Canvas-Mounted Herb Printable

These free herb printables are a gorgeous way to bring your appreciation of herbs into the home. Mount them on a canvas frame for an elevated look - here's how!
Cost $50



  • Choose between the herb prints on vintage paper or white paper. Then print out the herb print(s) of your choice on a piece of white cardstock.
  • Apply a thick, even layer of decoupage glue.
  • Center the printable on the 8" x 10"  canvas, and smooth it down. Make sure there are no bubbles or lumps.
  • Let the canvas dry for about 10-15 minutes with the print side up.
  • The print will be slightly larger than your canvas. Once the canvas is dry, flip it over and use a sharp craft knife to trim off the excess sheet.
  • Apply another even layer of decoupage glue and let it dry, then display your handiwork.

About the Author

Debbie Wolfe is a mom of two rambunctious boys, wife, and work-at-home mom from Georgia. In her free time (when there is such a thing), she is in the garden or hidden away reading the latest post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama! As for interests, Debbie is an obsessive crafter, home chef, and gardener. She is a freelance writer, blogger, and is a co-author and photographer behind the garden blog The Prudent Garden: a collection of tips, crafts, and articles that highlight home gardening.


  1. Hi Debbie! Love the prints! Is there any way you can correct the spelling of remembrance on the rosemary PDF? You are missing a second M in the words. I would love to use these on a spice cabinet in my house but the misspelling would bother me!

  2. Hi Debbie!
    These prints are beautiful! I would love to use them for a project, but can you correct the spelling of remembrance on the rosemary PDF? You are missing a second M in the words on both PDFs.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Debbie

    I too LOVE these prints, they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. Please correct the typo in remembrance on the rosemary PDF. Again, very lovely prints.


  4. 5 stars
    Thank you, Debbie. You probably have no idea what a wonderful find you are! Your generous gift is uplifting me just when most needed! I am looking for projects and this will be perfect for my new she shed (read functional potting shed but neat and tidy (unlike all the man-run spaces at my place) with just a few touches of garden-based joy. Thank you, thank you! Kerri

  5. Thank you so much Debbie. Beautifully done. I have 2 tunnels of herbs and am a practicing Clinical Dietician who values natural healing.


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