Mason Jar Solar Lights and Full Moon

Mason Jar Solar Lights

I love entertaining outdoors at this time of year because it’s warm enough at night that a garden party does not need to end when the sun goes down. All you need is a way to keep bugs at bay and a little something that glows! Using just three materials and a wee bit of time, you will quickly have stylish Mason jars to light up the garden or patio on these late summer nights.DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights


Make it!

1. The most challenging part of this project is finding the solar lights that have removable tops and the pretty Mason jars to fit them. This took me all of 10 minutes.

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

I bought the lights at a grocery store for $2 each and have a large collection of jars that I sorted through until I found the right ones. I found my lights at the Real Canadian Superstore but I have also seen them at Target, WalMart and Dollar stores as well. The best time to find them is when the seasonal outdoor products are stocked. You can also find some here and here.

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

2. As the solar light was a bit smaller than the Mason jar ring, I used a piece of double-sided foam tape to make it just a smidge wider and it fit inside perfectly.DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

There is also a company who makes solar lids specifically for Mason jars – who knew!?

3. Don’t remove the paper off the other side of the tape so that the light can be removed from the jar. There is often an on/off switch on the light that you will still want to access. Alternatively, glue the light to the top inside of the ring to make a solid cap that can be removed.DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

4. Set out in the sun for 4-8 hours and your new jars will be charged and ready to light up the night.Mason jar solar lights

I particularly love the reflection of the label on the wood below. They also look beautiful nestled on the ground in the garden or yard, or lining a pathway.DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

As a side note, check out how cool the moon is. While it was difficult to get a clear photo, the huge full moon was kind enough to pose in the perfect spot for these pictures. Doesn’t it look like the moon and these shining lights were just made for each other?DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

They remind me of jars filled with fireflies but are much easier to come by, plus no fireflies were harmed or imprisoned in the making of these solar light jars.DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

I frosted the glass and added a handle to these to turn them into solar lanterns as well. You can find the instructions for how to do this in my book, Garden MadeFrosted glass solar lanterns

I can just imagine placing these next to my Fairy Light Chandelier and watching the light reflect off the dangling crystals even more than it already does at night.

For more creative ways to illuminate the night, take a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for the garden.

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to browse through our other Weekend Projects and more Mason jar crafts!

About the Author : Stephanie RoseAn artistic gardener aiming to feed the body & soul through an urban potager garden & a community veggie plot in Vancouver.View all posts by Stephanie Rose

  1. Kerry
    KerrySeptember 1,12

    I love this idea! We have a screen house with no electricity and this would be a perfect way to light it up.

  2. Holly
    HollySeptember 1,12

    Those are way cute. Thanks for sharing.

  3. rama nayeri
    rama nayeriSeptember 1,12

    I am so totally going to try this.

    • kay
      kayMay 25,16

      where can you get the 2 sided tape I am having problems finding the wider size I have everything else please advise thanks

  4. Cindy Crews
    Cindy CrewsSeptember 1,12

    Such a neat idea! Now….to find those solar lights! I might have to save this project until the spring, since that’s when the lights are more readily available. Can’t wait to give it a try!
    Stopping by from Funky Junk’s SNS. ~Cindy

  5. Denise
    DeniseSeptember 1,12

    I saw these this morning and ran to Wal-Mart for small solar lights. 97 cents per. Used pint jars and these turned out sooooooooooooo cute. Thanks!

  6. Michele
    MicheleSeptember 2,12

    Love these so much. Thanks for the directions on how to make them.

  7. James
    JamesSeptember 3,12

    A great idea to add to the many others you’ve come up with. It’s so simple but such a good idea. I will definitely have to try this later, I have millions of jars as I always hold on to them but never usually find a use for them. They come in a range of colours as well which may be fun to play around with when doing this project.

    Thanks for sharing,
    James @ Capital Gardens

  8. Jeannie-JB
    Jeannie-JBSeptember 3,12

    Well this is a really cool idea – pinning it and can’t wait to give it a go when I get back home to AZ.

  9. Lupe
    LupeSeptember 5,12

    Amazing use of the Mason jars. So practical, rustic and energy saving. You should create more ways to display the lighted jars!

  10. Teri
    TeriSeptember 5,12

    absolutely love this idea…..

  11. Miranda
    MirandaSeptember 6,12

    This is SO.COOL.!
    Please add this post to our blog hop, Eat Make Grow!
    I am pinning and bookmarking this post to make this Winter!

    (sorry for all the exclamation points. haha)

  12. Serafine Laveaux
    Serafine LaveauxSeptember 6,12

    Neat idea! I’m going to try this but I think I’m going to fill the jars with colored glass stones around the light to soften the glow a bit and add a spot of color.

  13. Heidi
    HeidiSeptember 9,12

    This is a great idea- going to give it a try!

  14. Nita
    NitaOctober 4,12

    Love your solar jars! I shared them today on my blog. This month is all about scraps. Extra jars are scrap, right?

  15. Susan
    SusanOctober 5,12

    Love these! Thanks for sharing. I would like t see how they look & work with colored glass beads in them.

  16. Viki
    VikiOctober 7,12

    The dollar stores currently have solar lights for a dollar each that come apart easily.

  17. suzy
    suzyOctober 12,12

    these are so adorable so glad u shared this with everyone got to look for some odd jars and get started would love to put them out on my deck also

  18. Marianne
    MarianneJanuary 6,13

    how did you cut the square holes in the lids? The picture of the completed light shows a square in the lid so the can recharge……. Seems that a step in the instructions is missing!

  19. Stevie
    StevieJanuary 6,13

    Hi Marianne, no holes were cut in the lid. The square is the solar panel that is on top of the store-bought light. All the steps are there. Just buy a light that fits in a mason jar ring and attach. Easy peasy.

    • Trish
      TrishSeptember 13,15

      Hi. my searching for an art assignment has brought me to these lights. My question is what do you think about covering the outside with magazine or paper collage? I am hoping for an illuminating effect. my hope is what you see when there is no light is different than when the light is on

  20. Patti White
    Patti WhiteJanuary 7,13

    I made these last summer and I’ve loved them(anything in a mason jar I love), but I have had problems with rain getting inside. I tried hot glue(wouldn’t stick)inside the rings. I never thought of putting double sided tape around the lights themselves. Thanks for the idea! One thing I noticed also, is that all those lights are not created equal, even when they’re the same style of lights. Some of mine fit snug and other just fall out, so the tape is an excellent idea. Thanks again!

  21. Carol Campbell
    Carol CampbellMarch 6,13

    I tinted clear Ball Jars aqua, but you can do any color. Mod Podge, food coloring, oven. I love them.

  22. Susan
    SusanMarch 13,13

    I tried this idea but even though the light was way smaller than the lid, it would not go into the top of the jar, even without the tape.

  23. Stevie
    StevieMarch 13,13

    Hi Susan, yes, that is the tricky part. I’m lucky to have an enormous mason jar collection…the ones I used fit a 78mm ring lid. It’s not as common of a size with the new jars which are typically either 70mm or 83mm, but they are still sold. Luckily there have been a number of others who were successful in finding a match, so if you have a few jars in mind, bring them shopping with you next time you look for solar lights. I hope you find the right match!

  24. Evey
    EveyApril 3,13

    Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring this project on the front page of (a new submission-based website) for my Looksi Takeover day featuring my favorite mason jar projects from around blog land! :) The project will linked back to your site. I hope you will check us out and maybe even submit a few projects as well!


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    free advertisingApril 25,13

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  26. Cathy Saffles
    Cathy SafflesMay 12,13

    The dogs always chew up my solar lights so I might try just placing a jar upside down over them . The light would come through the glass and it would be hard for the dogs to ruin them.

  27. shelly
    shellyMay 13,13

    Did you have to cut the metal pegs off the lights?

  28. Stephanie
    StephanieMay 13,13

    Hi Shelly, no they just unscrewed.

  29. laura
    lauraMay 17,13

    I’ve found lights at the dollar store, & jars at that store that starts with a W. lol
    Total spent per light 1.79!
    I used outdoor frost spray paint to paint the inside lightly and glued a colored christmas bulb over the L.E.D light.
    Bam…multi colored lights for our party.
    Oh I used clear caulk around the outside of the solar panel to keep water from getting inside.

  30. Janice
    JaniceMay 21,13

    Great in a power outage too!

  31. Sharon O'Brien
    Sharon O'BrienMay 21,13

    hello love these ideas.

  32. Miranda Yellowdirt
    Miranda YellowdirtMay 21,13

    I just luv hearing about all these new ideas ….thnx for sharing :)

  33. LINDA
    LINDAMay 21,13

    To the liking of country folks I will have to show this to my friends

  34. gioia
    gioiaMay 21,13

    If you have dollar stores where you live they have several types of solar lights for $1.00. There are the stake types and then little ones that look like rocks. so fun. I use them on my back balcony around my balcony garden…It looks so pretty when I am in my bed looking out on the garden.

  35. Bob G
    Bob GMay 21,13

    Marbles would look nice inside the Mason jars. I have lots of marbles already, but if you don’t have any, they can be purchased via the net. Great idea!

  36. Amanda
    AmandaMay 27,13

    I wanted to make these but have a issue with water getting in all my solar lights that have globes or containers around them (even with store bought solar globes that are $99 each!), so I was wondering how one could keep rain out. Many thanks to the person who suggested using clear calk around the rim of the jar and the top of the light! My kids and I are going to make some this week for our patio.

  37. JT
    JTMay 29,13

    For the person wanting too make them water tight, try plumbers tape on the threads of the jar before you screw lids on.

  38. Terry
    TerryJune 2,13

    You can buy the garden lights at Wal Mart for $0.97 a piece. This is a lot cheaper than the lids made with solar lights.

  39. Jimmy
    JimmyJune 12,13

    … really… i thought it would be a diy solar light… not a walmart light stuck in a mason jar… these solar lights have so many useful parts inside (for the price) just adding putting them in a jar is almost an insult to the $1 solar panel… as an example I offer my solar powered laser ( yes thats my video and I made that laser… it has an output near 1W when fully charged…

    if people wanted to have a solar light… why not just buy the $1 solar light… why bother with the extra cost of the jar… the jar costs more than the light…

  40. Grace Peterson
    Grace PetersonJune 18,13

    Because, Jimmy, with the jar you can add wire and hang the light on a hook or tree branch. The solar lights you buy are intended to be stuck in the ground. Basically the jars allow for different levels of light.

    I’ve been doing these solar light projects for a few years now and absolutely love seeing them glow after hours. Great post!

  41. Alex
    AlexJuly 1,13

    Very nice tutorial! It would be really interesting to make this jar and put it in our garden.

  42. Piki Te Ora
    Piki Te OraJuly 2,13

    Again another awesum idea

  43. Nicole
    NicoleJuly 6,13

    I love this idea! Genius!

  44. Sophie
    SophieJuly 16,13

    In answer to Marianne, you said ‘all the steps are there.’ But there’s nothing about putting the solar part on top of the caps. Nor do you say which bits of the lights to use, what you mean by mentioning the mason jar ring (are you saying to fix the light to the rubber ring of the jar?), etc. It’s a lovely idea for a tutorial but the instructions only seem to say buy the lights & jars, put some tape round one bit, then skip to putting the completed product out in the sun!

  45. Pat
    PatJuly 16,13

    Just made several of these Mason Jar Solar lights. Love, Love, Love them and so easy. I got the blue jars and the total cost was about $4.50.

  46. Olivia
    OliviaAugust 3,13

    Hi there every one, here every person is sharing these kinds of familiarity, thus it’s good to read this blog, and I used to pay a quick visit this website daily.

  47. Alissa
    AlissaAugust 9,13

    I love this idea! I tried making these, but I couldn’t find any mason jars that fit the solar lights. The couple different styles that I found all had the same size lids. I decided to try it anyway and use Crayola model magic to attach the lights to the lid. It worked initially, but it didn’t stand up to the elements. After two weeks the lights fell out of the jars. Do you have any suggestions on what I could use to keep my plastic solar lights in the mason jars? (there is too much room between the solar lights and the cap of the mason jar to use tape).


  48. Domingo
    DomingoAugust 24,13

    Good day! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering which blog platform
    are you using for this site? I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be fantastic if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  49. Robert
    RobertDecember 28,13

    to answer Alissa, I haven’t tried it but it seems to me like you could always take the inside part of the lid the flat part and cut an opening the exact size of your solar panel in it then you set it in and screw on the top part of the lid. it’s not the easiest to cut a hole in that lid but with the right sheet metal snips you should be able to do that. it may be easier if you use a whole saw on your drill to start a hole and then increase the size of the hole with a pair of sheet metal snips

  50. Stephanie
    StephanieDecember 28,13

    Thanks for answering Robert. I must have missed Alissa’s comment (given I just had a baby I can imagine that it got lost in the email storm!)

    Alissa, the thing that worked best for me was to find smaller mason jars. I took a few sizes with me shopping and the 78cm ones fit the standard plastic lights best. Now those are vintage jars as the ones that are commonly sold are either 70cm or 86cm. So look for vintage jars or perhaps some jars from perishables that you have used.

    If it’s still an issue, I think Robert’s suggestion has merit. You could pierce the metal snap lid with a screwdriver then use metal snips to cut out a hole.

  51. Tab
    TabMarch 17,14

    I am going to try putting some marbles in the jars for a colourful
    light show.

  52. Voni
    VoniMarch 29,14

    These are beautiful. I do have one question. Is the stake removable? If not how did you get it off? As you can see, I’m not familiar with solar lights.

  53. Stephanie
    StephanieMarch 29,14

    Hi Voni, yes the stakes just popped off. They are pretty common at big stores like Target and in the summer.

  54. Michelle
    MichelleApril 5,14

    Excellent idea!

  55. J K
    J KApril 13,14

    There are a couple things I’m not clear about. Did you use wide mouth or narrow mouth jars? What if I don’t have access to antique jars/lids? I want to make about a doz. Thanks!

  56. Stephanie
    StephanieApril 13,14

    Hi J K, these jars were actually a size in between wide and regular, that is the benefit of vintage jars. But since there are many different sizes of solar lights, I would suggest the best bet is to follow step 1 (find solar lights and jars to fit). This can be a bit of a puzzle, if you have jars, then bring them with you when you shop for lights (well, at least 1). If you have lights, bring one with you while you shop for jars.

    If you want the simplest method, grab some jars online (ball now makes vintage looking blue glass jars! You can see them here: and there are some pre-made solar lids if you can’t find stake lights to fit them. But I would be surprised if you couldn’t find a match. There are so many options out there now.

  57. JOY KENT
    JOY KENTApril 30,14


  58. MWBrown
    MWBrownMay 1,14

    Would it be possible to fill the jars with water so as to amplify the light? Or just give the light some funky effects?

    • Stephanie
      StephanieMay 1,14

      MWBrown, I think you should try it. I wouldn’t submerge the light bulb, but water below may be OK. I bet it would look cool with tonic water (that has a glowy green look in the dark).

  59. Dina
    DinaMay 5,14

    Awesome idea! I was just wondering what you used in the jars to get that bronze coloring???

    • Stephanie
      StephanieMay 5,14

      Dina, that’s light reflection! The jars are clear. I think it comes from the street lights. Other readers have suggested putting glass beads in the jar which I think is a brilliant idea.

  60. Jon Rundquist
    Jon RundquistMay 7,14

    It would be nice when someone comes up with or copies an idea like this one, that will remain on the Internet indefinitely, that they say exactly where they found the parts and pieces to make it happen!!

    While I understand that inventory often changes within any given store year to year, at least it would give us, those that want to try and re-create it for a gift for someone in our family…like our mother!

    I have been to every big box and dollar store retailer, several local and national drug store chains, several grocery store chains, one major hardware co-op and several general merchandise retailers looking for solar lights that fit in the Regular size or Large size rings made by Ball or Kerr. I have stopped in at least 15 stores and not one of them carries a solar light that fits as described.

    Projects that can’t be reproduced are very frustrating!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day 2014 !!

  61. Stephanie
    StephanieMay 7,14

    Jon, I’m sorry that you are having problems finding solar lights to fit. Unfortunately I can’t tell you where to buy vintage jars and as I have mentioned a few times in the comments (and I’ll update the post) I bought the lights at a Canadian grocery store (The Real Canadian Superstore) but I have also seen them at Target, WalMart and Dollar stores. They are everywhere in season, which may not be until next month perhaps.

    I have listed resources for vintage-style jars, and solar lids that are pre-made and fit a standard mouth jar that you can buy online and have delivered anywhere. So there are options if you have run out if them locally.

    Luckily I don’t think your issue is widespread, as I have received so many photos of solar light jars that people have done. If you tell me where you live, perhaps I can point you to some resources that might help you specifically.

    Best of luck, and thanks for visiting my garden craft blog!

  62. Stephanie
    StephanieMay 7,14

    Oh, and Jon, you may not have noticed but “solar stake lights” in the materials list is a link to ones you can buy online. I’ve been making sure to update that every few months if they are out of stock or make a change to the listing.

  63. Delbert
    DelbertMay 8,14

    Heya i’m for the primary time here. I came across this board
    and I in finding It truly useful & it helped me out much.
    I hope to offer one thing back and aid others like you aided me.

  64. AspenGlow
    AspenGlowMay 12,14

    I love this idea! There are so many things you can do with this to make them even more appealing to the eyes! Like paint the glass with little polka dots or fill the jar with colored glass beads! I can’t wait to try this!

  65. Royma
    RoymaMay 14,14

    Hi, can I ask a question? For example you exposed the stake light for 8 hours straight from mid-day to sunset, how long will it last?

  66. Milena
    MilenaMay 17,14

    You don’t need to cut anything since these lids come in 2 parts. A very simple step. Unscrew the lid, take the flat round part of the lid out and just use the part that actually screws to the jar, the ring of the lid.

  67. Nanci
    NanciJune 14,14

    I have trouble keeping rain out of them. No matter what I use, there is always an inch of water in them after a rain! I’m beginning to think the water leaks around the solar panel. Anyone else have this problem?

    CAPERNIUSJuly 23,14

    Great Idea!!
    Easy too! :)

    Amazon also sells mason jar lids(1 piece) with built in LED lights that are solar powered with a battery back up. The cost if I remember correctly is about $10 each…I bought one years ago(3 – 4 yrs) & it still works like new…
    Then again, I use it for a night light not for outside.

  69. Tara Taylor-Tucker
    Tara Taylor-TuckerAugust 2,14

    how do you get the hole in the top of the lid or can you just use the rings?

    • Stephanie
      StephanieAugust 2,14

      Hi Tara, just read through the instructions and materials list it should answer the question.

  70. Marsh
    MarshAugust 3,14

    I think it would be awesome to add a few marbles to diffuse the light.

  71. Terry Fontaine
    Terry FontaineAugust 3,14

    I have had decent luck finding a bunch of jars at thrift stores (Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.). They frequently have a bag of rings for sale too. I was able to pick up 8 blue quart sized jars with rings for $3.99!!!

  72. kathy hodges
    kathy hodgesSeptember 15,14


  73. Stephanie
    StephanieSeptember 16,14

    Great idea, Kathy. Do you have any photos you can share on how you did that with the soda bottle?

  74. cheap diy solar panels
    cheap diy solar panelsOctober 21,14

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  75. Mckenzie
    MckenzieDecember 3,14

    Amazing things here. I’m very happy to look your post. Thank you a
    lot and I’m taking a look ahead to touch you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  76. B
    BJanuary 24,15

    Lovely idea. I plan on trying this and then glueing those little glass pebbles to the outside, but if I find round marbles then pouring them inside would be even faster. Thanks for posting this great idea.

    • Stephanie
      StephanieJanuary 24,15

      Great B – I’m sure it will be stunning!

  77. Char
    CharApril 28,15

    I’m always late, but seen this morn…on here….just sat up my camper and going to let my two Gdaughters help me this weekend make these for around my carpet out front…thanks for the cute Ideal

  78. barb macaskill
    barb macaskillMay 17,15

    Off to pillage my solar stakes!!! I have tons of them that haven’t found a home yet so this is going to be awesome!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  79. Bethany
    BethanyJune 10,15

    The jars took very cute! I’m going to make a few for my garden. Thanks for sharing!

  80. Mary
    MaryJune 17,15

    This paragraph iss reallly a nice one it assists new the web visitors,
    who are wishing for blogging.

  81. Cathy
    CathyJuly 14,15

    Great idea, made first one and all my clear rocks came unglued from the outside. Any ideas to make them stick?

    • Stephanie
      StephanieSeptember 14,15

      Perhaps use a waterproof silicone sealer instead of glue? You can buy it at hardware stores.

  82. Tony
    TonyOctober 21,15

    Just a fantastic idea and so practical. We will most definitely try them as we do a lot of camping and boating here in Arizona. Any possibility of using a larger jar for more light.

    • Stephanie
      StephanieOctober 26,15

      Great! A larger jar would work just fine I would guess.

  83. Lili
    LiliFebruary 9,16

    I think I will try this, but try to find a solar light with a “yellow” color, and use frosted glass spray on the jars!! :)

  84. Dusty Cutter
    Dusty CutterMay 5,16

    Ok – bear with me as I am old – did you cut the top of the mason jar flat lid? I’m not quite getting this part…thanks

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseMay 5,16

      Hi Dusty! Haha! No, just don’t put the snap lid in the ring. You put the solar light in the ring and screw it onto the jar. If you find a light that fits your ring, it’s very easy! if the ring is a bit big, then use some foam tape to make it fit.

  85. Katrin
    KatrinMay 7,16

    What a fantastic idea! I love how these look! Mason Jars are great for really anything, hey? I’d love for you to come over to our Sweet Inspiration Linky, running now, and join in!

  86. Meg | Hello Farmhouse
    Meg | Hello FarmhouseMay 10,16

    This is genius! I really need to make some of these for my farmhouse porch!

  87. sahana
    sahanaMay 13,16

    These are so cute !! Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty. We would love to have you again next week.

  88. Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai
    Lorelai @ Life With LorelaiMay 22,16

    Hey, Stephanie! Just wanted to let you know that we loved your Mason Jar Solar Lights so much when you shared it at the #HomeMattersParty last week, we’ve FEATURED it THIS WEEK! Hope you can check it out when you get a sec! Happy weekend!!!

    Life With Lorelai / Home Matters Linky Party

  89. Sharon
    SharonNovember 15,16

    Homemade lights and you can buy special lids! I didn’t know you could find solar lights at Walmart either.

  90. Wanda
    WandaAugust 31,17

    I tried these but when it rain the jar took on water. Help what did I do wrong ?

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