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Mason Jar Solar Lights

I love entertaining outdoors at this time of year because it’s warm enough at night that a garden party does not need to end when the sun goes down. All you need is a way to keep bugs at bay and a little something that glows! Using just three materials and a wee bit of time, you will quickly have stylish Mason jar solar lights to illuminate the garden or patio on these late summer nights.Mason Jar Solar Lights


Make it!

1. The most challenging part of this project is finding the solar lights that have removable tops and the pretty Mason jars to fit them. This took me all of 10 minutes.

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

I bought the lights at a grocery store for $2 each and have a large collection of jars that I sorted through until I found the right ones. I found my lights at the Real Canadian Superstore but I have also seen them at Target, WalMart and Dollar stores as well. The best time to find them is when the seasonal outdoor products are stocked. You can also find some here and here.

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

2. As the solar light was a bit smaller than the Mason jar ring, I used a piece of double-sided foam tape to make it just a smidge wider and it fit inside perfectly.DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

There is also a company who makes solar lids specifically for Mason jars – who knew!?

3. Don’t remove the paper off the other side of the tape so that the light can be removed from the jar. There is often an on/off switch on the light that you will still want to access. Alternatively, glue the light to the top inside of the ring to make a solid cap that can be removed.DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

4. Set out in the sun for 4-8 hours and your new Mason jar solar lights will be charged and ready to light up the night.Mason jar solar lights

I particularly love the reflection of the label on the wood below. They also look beautiful nestled on the ground in the garden or yard, or lining a pathway.DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

As a side note, check out how cool the moon is. While it was difficult to get a clear photo, the huge full moon was kind enough to pose in the perfect spot for these pictures. Doesn’t it look like the moon and these shining lights were just made for each other?DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

They remind me of jars filled with fireflies but are much easier to come by, plus no fireflies were harmed or imprisoned in the making of these Mason jar solar lights.DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights

I frosted the glass and added a handle to these to turn them into solar lanterns as well. You can find the instructions for how to do this in my book, Garden MadeFrosted glass solar lanterns

I can just imagine placing these next to my Fairy Light Chandelier and watching the light reflect off the dangling crystals even more than it already does at night.

For more creative ways to illuminate the night, take a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for the garden.

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  2. Homemade lights and you can buy special lids! I didn’t know you could find solar lights at Walmart either.

  3. Hi there!
    This is such a lovely DIY that would light up our garden at night :) I would be looking for those stake solar lights (I have colored Mason Jars; hope that works) and start this project soon. Thanks for sharing.


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