Perennials You Can Start From Seed

Save Money and Start these 14 Perennials from Seed

Have you tried starting perennials from seed? I often see the seeds for sale but I worry that it will take many years to grow an actual flower head or a decent sized plant. However, what I have learned is that there is a way to jump start perennials from seed so that they are large and established for the coming season. perennials you can start from seed

Just like with vegetables, herbs, and annual flowers, you can speed up the maturity of the plant by starting the seeds indoors using light, heat, and humidity to mimic springtime/summertime growing conditions.Seeds, soil recipe, light, seed-starting containers, DIY grow lights, indoor and outdoor seed starting - it's all here and more!

This guide covers everything you will need to know about seed starting. From what containers to use, to the best soil, plus heat, light, and humidity. There is information on how to start different kinds of seeds like heat-lovers and root veggies, as well as plans for making an indoor seed-starting shelf with lights.

The trick with perennials is to make sure that you are starting those who will bloom in 1-2 years when grown from seed. Otherwise, it’s better to buy a plant division or start it from a cutting. The benefit of starting the right perennials from seed, however, are many: to save money, to grow rare cultivars, and for fun. Overall, though, growing your own seeds from scratch means that you are certain what sort of soil, fertilizer, additives and growing conditions your plants have been subjected to.

I wrote about 14 perennials to start from seed over at my other blog on eBay (where I write about crafty, gardeny stuff too). For more on growing perennials from seed, please head over there.

Save Money with these Perennials You Can Grow From Seed!

14 perennials you can easily start from seeds

While many gardeners start only their vegetables and annuals from seed, there are some pretty spectacular perennials that are easy to grow from seed as well. It’s true that not all perennials are best started from seed. For some it is much better to take divisions of the plant in order to have mature plants in your garden in a short period of time. Some perennials, however, will grow from seed readily and quickly, making it an easy and inexpensive way to start your garden from scratch….continue reading this article.

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