Grow your own spring salad garden

Grow Your Own Spring Salad Garden

Do you remember the days that salad came as a head of lettuce that you would chop up and add to a salad bowl? It seems that these days, salad is a mix of pre-washed baby leaves in a plastic box. While it is very convenient, you are paying for that convenience in both extra costs and lost nutrients.

Do not get me started on the chemicals that are added to packaged salad mixes.

Try this experiment at home: put the contents of an “organic” salad mix in your salad spinner and fill it up with water. When you strain out the water, what color is it? I’ve consistently seen the water turn green. Green! I have no idea as to why it is green, because when I wash salad from the garden the water is clear. I’m guessing it’s a colored chemical that inhibits bacteria growth. I really can’t say for sure.

Don’t always trust what a package says, even if the label identifies the food inside as organic.

You can trust your own garden, however. Growing a spring salad garden is a way to get a large number of gourmet greens that can be freshly harvested for months on end. The best part is that it will only cost you pennies per salad.

See how to grow a salad garden and my top picks for what to grow here. This article was published on my eBay blog where I collaborate as a blogger.

Grow Your Own Spring Salad Garden

Grow your own spring salad garden

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  1. Jessice
    JessiceFebruary 1,17

    We love garden salad. And yes to make sure its really organic you have to plant your own salad garden.

  2. Carol ("Mimi")
    Carol ("Mimi")February 3,17

    Thanks for this advice. I never knew that the green color of the water was probably an indication of the presence of chemicals. (Duh — guess I never thought about it) We can put in our lettuce now (February), down here in coastal Georgia. I need get busy.

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