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10-Minute Outdoor Candle Planter

I was strolling through my local garden center a few weeks back and saw the most brilliant use of a terracotta pot – an outdoor candle planter! I quickly gathered the materials and went straight home to make my own, and I LOVE how it turned out!This easy candle planter is made with two pots plus some annuals and a candle

This planter look lovely displayed outdoors in the summer. The terracotta and cheery blooms are right at home in summertime decor and the simple pillar candle adds a shot of elegance to the entire look. Nestle it right in the garden (but be mindful of the fire safety if you’re going to light it) or use it as a centerpiece for your next outdoor dinner party. Light the candle to set warm summer evenings aglow.

Here are the steps if you want to make your own outdoor candle planter and have ten minutes to spare. Really, ten minutes is all you need! It’s incredibly quick and simple to make.


Make it!

Set the wood block in the bottom center of the large terracotta pot. Place annuals (still inside the nursery pots) into the large terracotta pot, surrounding the wood block. Set the smaller terracotta pot on the wood block and it fill 1/3 of the way with small river stones.

Make a gorgeous outdoor centerpiece with just a few annuals, terracotta pots, and a candle!

Set the pillar candle on the river stones and set the whole planter out in the garden.

Protect the candle by bringing it indoors overnight between uses, but the planter can stay outside to thrive!

Here are the photos of the ones that I saw at the garden center…the possibilities are endless! If you make a candle planter like this, please share a photo or tell me what yours is like in the comments. I’d love to know how you take this project and make it your own!

mossy candle planter idea

viola candle planter idea


Pin the DIY here:

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