Soaps Lotions Potions Recipes From The Garden

Soaps, Lotions, and Potions from the Garden

I grow herbs in my garden for cooking and for their beauty, but also so I can bring the garden inside and wear it on the outside (on my skin, I mean). Years ago in my efforts to detoxify and live healthier I started making my own skin care products and many of the recipes are here in the Natural Skincare Series. You know what? It’s really fun too! Chemistry and craft all in one. Taking herbal concoctions and harvest from the garden to turn into a soothing bath salt or healing salve, is just what the garden therapist ordered…fun for the mind and therapy for the body. I now live free of dry skin and blemishes and feel as good about what I’m wearing on my skin as what I put in my belly.Soaps Lotions Potions Recipes from the Garden

I have made plenty of my own recipes, but have also been inspired by so many others out there. Here is a round up of the great ones I have found.

Tanya from Lovely Greens is an amazing soap maker and she has shared a 3 part series on soap making on her blog. The photos are beautiful but more importantly the instructions are wonderful. You will have handmade cold-process soap in no time!How to Make Cold Process Soap

Tanya also makes a lotions to die for like this Wild Rose & Honey Hand Cream.Wild Rose and Honey Hand Cream Recipe

Judy from Magic Touch and Her Gardens shares her many uses for Coconut Oil which I also often use as a go to moisturizer.

Lynne from Sensible Gardening and Living makes Beeswax  Cream (with Vitamin E and lavender) from her own bees. Envy!!

Carole, The Gardening Cook, shares a DIY for how to make an Apricot Soap on a Rope that would be a fun gift to make.

A Delightful Home has a great recipe for How to Make a Simple Lavender Body Oil.

And I just love all the details on The Mountain Rose Blog on making DIY Herbal Salves.

Here are some from the Garden Therapy Natural Skincare Series:

All Natural Skincare Recipes from Garden Therapy

A Healing Cuticle Balm is just the cure for nails that beat up in the garden.Healing Cuticle Balm

Guest blogger, Michelle Pino, from Skana Spa shared this Avocado Face Mask Recipe.

Avocado Carrot Face Mask

A Green Guide to Natural Beauty has a version of this luxurious Mango Citrus Body Butter.Mango Citrus Body Butter Recipe

And a Hemp and Honey Lip Balm.Hemp and Honey Lip Balm Recipe

I always have a good stash of DIY Bath Bombs on hand for popping in the tub…Homemade Bath Tub Fizzies Recipe

…or some herbal filled tub tea.Lavender Oatmeal Tub Tea

Making homemade bath salts couldn’t be easier than adding some lavender from the garden.easy DIY Lavender Bath Salts with label

And for those days that your skin needs a pick-me-up, lemongrass/ginger or rosemary/spearmint scented sugar scrubs!lemongrass ginger moisurizing sugar scrub with free printable labels

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  1. Tara @ Suburble
    Tara @ SuburbleNovember 18,13

    Oh, I’ve been dying to make my own lip balm! What a wonderful round-up. I just picked up some beeswax to make candles, but I’ll have to check out that cream recipe first!

  2. Gabrielle
    GabrielleNovember 26,13

    So many great ideas for next year’s harvest! Thanks :)

  3. Hermilie smith
    Hermilie smithFebruary 26,14

    Nice and healthy products for skin and for body too . I will definitely remember the products while purchasing in future so that I will take care my health . Keep on posting new blog and shared this type of useful information.

  4. The best antibacterial soap
    The best antibacterial soapFebruary 28,14

    Thanks for sharing this amazing post! Unlike conventional soap, it is said that homemade soap may even contain healing properties due to the lack of chemicals in the ingredients.

  5. Carolina
    CarolinaAugust 3,14

    Hi Stevie,
    I really want to make these for my kids teachers’ Christmas gifts. Where do you buy the oils and do you use essential oils or fragrance oils? How many regular bars does one recipe yield approximately?

  6. Stephanie
    StephanieAugust 3,14

    Hi Carolina, just click on the green bold letters below the post and it will take you to the recipes.

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