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Celebrate Halloween with Quirky Garden Projects Made from Nature that Keep You (and the Earth) Healthy

Halloween isn’t just for ghouls and goblins. Gardeners have plenty to keep us busy as well. I like to celebrate Halloween each year with some quirky garden projects instead of plastic skeletons, flashing lights, and lawn inflatables. I think that nature has its place in all the holidays and you can certainly get your garden therapy without creating extra waste and gorging on candy! So this year, why not take a healthy approach to Halloween for both yourself and Mother Earth? Happy Halloween, everyone! From me and Mummy Cactus!

halloween week on garden therapy

Quirky Halloween Decorating with Nature

I’m not much for blood and gore, but I love carving pumpkins, toasting seeds, and dressing up anything that I can get my hands on (the dogs do a good job of steering clear of the costume box…but not good enough…mwahaha!). I like to find ways to bring nature to the festivities, so here are some ideas that will bring a smile to your face while getting your hands dirty enjoying the garden.

How to Make a Jack-o-Plantern

How to Make Jack-o-Planterns and how to make them last until Halloween!

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without Jack-o-Planterns. These kooky pumpkins get smiles from everyone who sees them and when the holiday is done there is no waste! Transplant the plants to the garden and plop the pumpkin in the compost. Your soil will thank you!

Groovy Pumpkin Head Planter

jack o plantern halloween decoration

Hooty the Owl PumpkinFall or Halloween owl decoration

How to Make Planted Pumpkins Last

How I keep my pumpkin planters looking beautiful for a month!

These Etched Pumpkins really steal the show.

blue pumpkin with owl design

If you want to carve a pumpkin, why not etch a blue pumpkin or add some holes with a drill? There are some great ideas for decorating pumpkins in this post where you can see all five designs!

Painted Pumpkins: Fun Fall Crafts for KidsPainted Pumpkin Faces - a super fun fall craft

Save time carving and keep your pumpkins longer by painting faces on them! There are also a whole bunch of other ideas for decorating outdoors with pumpkins in this article.

Halloween Crow Feather Wreath

Crow Feather Wreath

Make this spooky wreath with a feather boa and a (fake) crow. Bonus points for buying the supplies second hand and reusing them year after year to save them from going to the landfill. I picked up these supplies at my local thrift store. See the instructions to make the wreath here.

Halloween Miniature Garden

Halloween Mini Garden

Miniture gardens are a great way to get into the holiday spirit, and this one is clearly full of spirits! See how this pumpkin graveyard miniature garden was made.

DIY Rock Spiders
Halloween Rock Spider

These adorable rock spiders come to life when placed throughout the garden. They look harmless enough, but I have seen more than a few people leap away in fear when they spot these subtle spiders stalking them in the garden. See how to make DIY Rock Spiders.

There is More to See This Halloween!

If you are looking for some more creative ways to carve a pumpkin or ideas for Halloween-worthy treats that don’t come in a plastic wrapper, here are some more ideas that you might like!

60+ Ways to Carve a Pumpkin

66 ways to carve a pumpkin

Sweet and Salty Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
these heavenly roasted pumpkin seeds are addictive with that perfect combination of sweet and saltyThe Best Pumpkin Soup You’ve Ever TastedPumpkin Soup

Ghoulishly Green Spinach and Kale ButterGet your greens with this spinach and kale garlic butter recipe

And let’s not forget…

Protect Your Garden from Vampires: How to Grow Garlic


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