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Heavenly on the Hands Lavender Liquid Soap

Lavender helps to cleanse, reduce inflammation, and ease pain all while making your skin smell absolutely wonderful. Combined with a simple liquid soap recipe, you have a powerful yet moisturizing soap on your hands. Quickly whip up a batch of this lavender liquid soap today!

lavender and lime soap

When it comes to my garden, function usually comes first over beauty. But oftentimes, you’re lucky enough to get both. That’s exactly how I feel about one of my favourite herbs and flowers…lavender!

And I’m not the only one. Pretty much everyone in the world agrees that lavender and beauty go together. Lavender is one amazing herb for the skin which is why you’ll see it listed under many products’ ingredient lists.

But what about soap? Whenever you find yourself washing your hands repeatedly (this is all of us these days) it’s super important to add that moisture back into the skin.

Dry skin isn’t just uncomfortable; it also breaks down the skin’s protective barrier. As our skin breaks down, it becomes more prone to cuts, rashes, sores, and pulled cuticles, all of which provide entry points for germs.

This lavender hand soap is made with gentle Castile soap along with moisturizing oil to help soften skin. For some extra pep, I also included lime essential oil in my recipe!

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lavender hand soap

Benefits of Cleansing With Lavender Soap

Many people give praise to lavender just for its scent. But behind the magic of aromatherapy is one powerful herb. Since I’ll be using lavender essential oil in this soap recipe, I want to explore all the reasons why I love using lavender on the skin.

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it’s great for preventing and healing acne by killing bacteria. It unclogs the pores and reduces the painful inflammation that comes with a flaring red pimple.

As a non-comedogenic, you can bet it won’t cause any more clogged pores either. While you may think of this soap primarily for hands, you can also use it on the body and face for acne breakouts.

The anti-inflammatory properties that make it good for soothing pimples also work wonders elsewhere. It reduces redness and irritation that can come from dry skin such as eczema or psoriasis. The pain-relieving and numbing effects help with all kinds of angry, inflamed skin.

And yes, it has plenty of antioxidants that can protect your skin from fine line-causing free radicals (compounds that can cause harm when in high amounts). The lavender essential oil also reduces discolouration and evens the skin tone.

All in all, lavender works as a great cleansing agent while leaving your skin better than it found it. You can’t go wrong adding a touch to your soap for hands, body, and face.

lavender soap

Lavender Liquid Soap Recipe

This DIY lavender soap only requires a few ingredients and takes less than five minutes to make. As a liquid soap, it works great in soap dispensers but can also be used on the body and even for dishes.

For my recipe, I also added a hint of lime because I love the zest it adds alongside the floral lavender. Feel free to also include lime essential oil in your lavender soap if it suits your fancy!


Makes 500 ml of soap. See the recipe card below for exact measurements.

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Make It!

Non purified water can be a too-friendly place for bacteria. Use distilled water only or boil water before using it for this recipe.

To make this lavender soap recipe, simply add all the ingredients together in a glass beaker or use a funnel to pour directly into your soap pump.

Since oils and water naturally separate, you’ll need to give your soap a good shake before using it. The more you use it, the less shaking you need to do. This soap is good for up to 3 months.

lavender soap

Frequently Asked Questions About Lavender Liquid Soap

Can I Use Fresh Lavender in Soap Making?

Fresh lavender cannot directly be put into soap. Most flowers, dried and fresh, turn brown due to the saponification process of cold process soap. I’ve used dried lavender buds before in my soaps, but they will turn brown after a few months. Adding purple dye to the soap helps to hide the discolouration or you can swap the lavender buds for cornflower petals.

However, most liquid soaps do not have anything in them as the flowers and other solids can block the dispenser. For liquid soaps, you can utilize your fresh lavender by infusing olive oil with the herbs. Adding a couple of tablespoons of infused olive oil will make your soap nice and moisturizing on the hands while you cleanse.

How Can I Make My Liquid Soap More Moisturizing?

Adding some liquid oils can make your liquid soap a little more moisturizing and friendly for the hands. Add 1 tbsp per every cup of liquid soap. I recommend olive oil, almond oil, and avocado oil.

Can You Add Scent to Store-Bought Liquid Soaps?

Certainly! You can add any type of essential oils to your soap. Start off with a few drops as a little can go a long way. For every 2 cups (500 ml), I add 10 drops of essential oil. Pick whichever scent you love best, and you can easily transform the scent of your soap.

DIY lavender soap

Once you start making your own lavender liquid soap, you won’t stop. This recipe is easy and really saves you money over time. Tell me in the comments how it works for you!

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Lavender Liquid Soap Recipe

Moisturize and cleanse your hands with this heavenly liquid soap recipe. Makes 500 ml of soap.
Cost $15



  • Boil your water or use distilled water before starting this project.
  • Add all your ingredients together into the soap pump using the funnel.
  • Give your soap a good shake before use as the oils and water naturally separate.
  • Use and lather as needed for up to three months.

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