summer bulbs to plant in spring

Plant Spring Bulbs for an Outstanding Summer Display

Summer is the pinnacle of the gardening year. When the vegetables are ripening and the perennials have filled in the space, you may be entertaining outdoors, attending garden tours, or spending a stay-cation at home.

As I plan out my garden for the coming year, I’m thinking a lot about how to add some WOW this summer. And nothing adds more wow than spring bulbs!

Spring bulbs are planted in the spring to bloom in the summer. Some of the most resplendent flowers and leaves are grown from bulbs, tubers, corms, and rhizomes. Buy them now from catalogs and plant them early to save big bucks this year on showstopping plants.

Plant Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbs have some of the most decorative blooms and leaves available for your garden, but many are too tender to survive a cold winter. It’s worth investing in some of these plants from catalogs in the spring because buying them in pots in the summer can be very expensive. With a little know-how in the spring, you can enjoy a gorgeous flower garden bursting with blooms this summer.

See my favorite flowers and foliage plants in this series of articles on eBay where I also write a blog.

Bulbs to Plant in Spring for Stunning Summer BloomsBulbs to plant for gorgeous flowers

Spring Bulbs to Plant for Gorgeous FoliageBulbs to plant for gorgeous foliage

I also curated a collection of foliage plants that you have to see. The colors burst off the screen and can rival just about any flower!

Gorgeous Summer Bulbs for Foliage

Gorgeous Foliage collection



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  1. Gowri
    GowriFebruary 15,17

    Hi Stephanie, Are the plants you mentioned good for a place like Toronto, Ontario? Please let me know. Thanks, Gowri

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseFebruary 15,17

      Hi Gowri, the best way to know if look for the hardiness zones on the bulb’s labels. Toronto is somewhere around a Zone 6, so anything that is hardy at Zones 6 or lower should be fine. That being said, you can grow the others and dig up the bulbs for winter storage. The hardiness zones mean that the bulbs are only hardy in the ground in those zones.

  2. Wall planter
    Wall planterFebruary 21,17

    With a little know-how in the spring, you can enjoy a gorgeous flower garden bursting with blooms this summer.

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