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Wake Up Happy with this Rosemary and Peppermint Energizing Shower Soap

The scent of rosemary is used in aromatherapy to promote focus, memory, and reduce brain fog. Peppermint is purported to help energize and refresh the mind and body. And both of them are effective natural deodorizers. That’s why I combined these two scents for my morning shower soap (well, that and they smell awesome together). I love this energizing rosemary peppermint soap for my morning shower because it helps me to wake up, clean up, and feel ready for the day.

Rosemary Mint Cold Process Soap. Naturally deodorize and refresh with this handmade soap.

Soap vs. Body Wash

You may think that your body wash is just a type of liquid soap, but actually the reason why it is called “body wash” is because it isn’t soap at all. It is a detergent. You know, like you use on your dirty dishes.

Soap can only be called soap if it goes through the saponification process of turning fats and oils in water and sodium hydroxide into soap. This process makes the most nourishing, gentlest, and healthiest cleanser for your skin, which is why soap is the only thing I use to get clean. No mystery body washes in this household!

A stack of homemade rosemary spearmint soap bars

Soap retains the natural glycerin that’s created in the soap-making process. Products like beauty bars and body washes are detergents, or a recipe of ingredients that, combined together, cleanse your skin. Glycerin has been removed from these products because it is much too valuable to leave in there and make a big profit. Then a bunch of other artificial ingredients have been added to mask the missing glycerin.

That’s why I use soap in my morning shower every day. It’s the healthiest way to cleanse the body, and this particular soap wakes up my mind with its refreshing scent combination of rosemary and peppermint.

rosemary and spearmint essential oil next to the fresh herbs and soap in a mold

Rosemary and Peppermint: a Winning Combination

Rosemary is an excellent natural deodorizer and peppermint’s bright scent leaves you feeling fresh. The invigorating scent and natural cleansing properties of both of these essential oils makes this combination the perfect choice for your everyday morning soap.

For more information on rosemary and mint, check out these posts:

Energizing Rosemary Peppermint Soap Recipe

Makes 36 oz total; approximately 7 x 5 oz bars; or will fill a 2 lb soap mold


Mix temp 115°F


Lye mixture

Scent and Color

Make it!

Head over to this post on how to make cold process soap and follow the instructions there.

rosemary spearmint soap setting in a mold

I like using the cold process technique for this soap, but if you want something even easier, you can use a pre-made soap base and add peppermint and rosemary to that. For info on this technique, check out my own book on handmade soap the easy way (using the melt and pour method): Good Clean Fun.

handmade soap bar resting on a nail brush

More Ways to Get Sudsy:




  1. I’m brand new to soap making. I see your recipe calls for coconut oil. I’m seeing that in alot of other places with natural recipes. This has me stumped. My husband and daughter are allergic to coconut. What can be used in it’s place?

  2. Hi Stephanie :)
    These look lovely! How much sage powder do you use to colour the soap? I notice there’s no amount specified. Also is the sage infused with an oil?
    Thank you!

  3. I tried making this but my soap never came to trace. Maybe I did something wrong? thought I followed the measurements to a tea. Waste of oils :(

    • Hi Shannon, I have made this recipe at least 30 times and it traces easily using a stick blender. Were you trying by hand?

  4. I don’t have any of the colourants mentioned in this recipe, would it be okay if I didn’t use any at all? Besides the fact that the soap wouldn’t have the nice colour yours does.


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