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These Accessible Tools will get You Back into the Garden!

The great thing about the Age of Invention is that there are so many more tools that have been created to allow us to do things beyond our wildest dreams. And that means great things for gardeners who have previously had to limit their beloved hobby because of physical limitations. There’s a whole range of awesome tools that have been created to make gardening easier! There’s no need to stop gardening because of a sore back, stiff knees, arthritic fingers, or an argumentative hip. These accessible tools open up the doors and make gardening easier, more productive, and better for your body.

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If you have been held back from your beloved hobby, it’s time to get back out in the garden, my friends! Check out these accessible tools that will make gardening a breeze (again).

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NRG Transplanter and Trowel

The Natural Radius Grip Transplanter and Trowel have ergonomically designed curved handles specifically intended to make gripping the tool easier on those with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. The latex-free material of the handle is soft and comfortable to hold, and the blade is very light, making transplanting and minor digging jobs a breeze.

Two NRG Transplanters in a garden bed with flowers in nursery pots beside them.

NRG Cultivator

Like the Transplanter, the Natural Radius Grip Cultivator has a curved, easy-grip handle that is designed to be comfortable for those with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is lightweight and features long, angled tines that make it easy to loosen soil.

Hand holding a small garden fork and digging in the soil


Leonard Cape Cod Weeder with Extended Handle

Lightweight and easy to use, the Cape Cod Weeder can be used with the blade flat to cut weeds above the soil, or turn the blade on its side and use the point to loosen soil and extract weeds from the ground. The long handle and narrow tip makes for easy access of weeds in hard-to-reach places, even from a seated position.

Cape Cod weeder being used to remove weeds from a garden bed.

Fiskars Long-Handle Grass Shears with Swivel Head

If kneeling, bending, and crouching cause you pain, you can still comfortably trim edges with these Long-Handle Grass Shears.  The 36-inch handle means that you can use the shears from an upright position, and the swiveling head is perfect for edging and maneuvering into those impossible-to-mow places. The handle is made of lightweight aluminum and has an ergonomically designed grip, so it is easy to hold and carry as you complete your tasks.

close-up image of a person's lower half wearing jeans and sneakers and using long-handled shears to cut grass along a walkway


DeWit Drop Grip Hand Plow

The Drop Grip Hand Plow is designed specifically to make it easy and comfortable to plow furrows into the soil from a kneeler seat or to work in raised beds from a seated position. The handle features a thick bulb at the end so that you can easily grip and maneuver the plow.

close-up of a hand plow being dragged through soil in between rows of plants

DeWit Drop Grip 3-Tine Cultivator

If back pain or other health issues restrict you to gardening from a seated position, the Drop Grip 3-Tine Cultivator is a good choice for you. It is designed to be comfortable and easy to use in a garden or raised bed while sitting, and its handle is easy to grip and maneuver. Use it to loosen and aerate soil painlessly.

close-up image of gloved hands gripping a three-tined garden cultivator fork and working soil with it

DeWit Drop Grip Daisy Grubber

Another powerhouse for seated gardening, the Drop Grip Daisy Grubber has a long wooden handle with a forked metal end for removing weeds. Simply position a weed in between the tines of the Grubber, grip the handle with both hands, and pry out the weed, roots and all. Weeds don’t stand a chance, even while you’re sitting.

Close-up image of the daisy grubber tool prying a weed out of an otherwise clear garden bed


DeWit Drop Grip Trowel

A typical garden trowel only has a short handle, making it difficult to use from a seated position, but the Drop Grip Trowel‘s handle is two-feet long, so you can use it easily while seated, which means no bending or crouching. This trowel is also lightweight and has an ergonomically designed easy-grip handle, and the blade is sharp to slice through soil and debris easily.

hands wearing green garden gloves gripping a trowel and digging in a large planter

DeWit Drop Grip Mini Garden Rake

This Mini Garden Rake is easy to grip and use from a seated position, plus it is lightweight and ergonomically designed. The small rake head fits easily into hard-to-reach areas. Use it to rake and aerate soil in gardens and raised beds from a seated position.

mini garden rake with long handle being used to rake soil

Leonard Garden Scoot and TubTrug Combo

Speaking of seated gardening, you may want to invest in a wheeled garden seat that you can easily pull through the garden as you move to different areas to work. The Garden Scoot features a comfortable seat and easy-to-pull handle to make getting around simple, and a convenient tub to keep your gardening tools right at your fingertips as you garden. Seated gardening is easier on your back and can make gardening accessible to those with various health issues.

Man digging in the garden while seated in a wheeled garden seat


Pick a tool, any tool! Gardener’s Edge has generously agreed to GIVE AWAY accessibility tools to one of our readers! This contest is now over. Congratulations to Cassandra Souza who won the $50 gift card.



  1. I would love the garden scoot and tub true; I love to garden but have degenerative arthritis.

  2. i would love any of them tools seem to wear out faster than i remember and i’m in need of new everything again. i care for 2 people in their 80’s full time and gardening is my relaxation and stress reliever.

  3. Would love the garden scoot as I have a bad back. Of course, any of these tools would be great to own.


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