Soothing After Sun Balm For Sunburned Skin

Homemade After-Sun Salve Recipe

Even if you don’t have a sunburn, this after-sun salve recipe is a summer necessity to re-hydrate and soothe sun-kissed skin. Apply it after a good scrub in the shower to remove sunscreen residue. Slather on this balm and your skin will drink in the oils and butters, dealing with sun-damaged skin while you sleep.Aloe After-Sun Salve

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The sun just keeps getting hotter, doesn’t it? A few weeks ago my nephews were caught out at an event longer than they expected to be and as a result of embracing the fun outdoor activities they brought home an unwelcome souvenir: sunburns. The heat radiated off their pink cheeks, shoulders, and noses and I could see how it was taking a toll on their energy. The next day they were heading off on vacation so I whipped up a batch of the after-sun salve that I use on my own skin all summer long.After-sun balm recipe and instructions

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Makes 2 oz

Make it!

Melt the oils, butters, and beeswax in a double boiler or Turkish coffee pot. Use a medium heat and stir as the oils melt. Remove from heat just as all ingredients are liquid. Stir in essential oil. Allow to cool slightly and then add the aloe gel. Mix the gel in well with the rest and pour into a 2 oz container.Soothing after-sun balm for sunburned skin

Apply the after sun-salve generously to sunburned skin and rub it in as well as you can (which I know can be difficult with a sunburn!). Apply again after waking in the morning or showering, until the sunburn has settled down. If you don’t have a sunburn but have spent a day in the sun, this lotion works well to keep exposed skin soft. Shower to remove any sunscreen and use the lotion each evening after a day of sun exposure.

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  1. Craig Jones
    Craig JonesAugust 5,15

    I really love using birch sweet essential oil from It works as an analgesic and really relieves the skin pain I feel after a sunburn.

  2. Sally collins
    Sally collinsAugust 10,16

    Hi ,can you use fresh aloe gel from the plant ? Or do you need to buy bottled aloe. Thanks

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseAugust 11,16

      Hi Sally, I haven’t tried it but I can imagine it would work really well. If you try it and could you please get back to us on the results?

  3. Crystal Lovell
    Crystal LovellAugust 17,16

    Thanks for this! I am new to making my own products but am starting to learn now. I have a question about this. Is there another essential oil that would work as well as the lavender? I am allergic to lavender but would love something along these lines for after a day in the sun. Thanks!

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseAugust 17,16

      Crystal, you can just leave it out of the recipe and enjoy the aloe & calendula scent. Or add a scent that you like as long as it is not a “hot” essential oil like cinnamon or clove. Try peppermint for its cooling sensation, but take the recipe down to 8 drops.

  4. Kelly W
    Kelly WMarch 19,17

    I tried this yesterday and everything was going fine until I added the aloe vera gel. Once I started mixing, it looked like oil was separating out of it and it got chunky. Ever have this happen before? Not sure what could have gone wrong-maybe the aloe? I jarred it anyway and used it, still works and feels great! Thanks for the great recipe!

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseMarch 19,17

      Hi Kelly, I haven’t had that happen before. Can you check the aloe vera gel to see if it is pure gel or has some other additives? How warm was the mixture? I make sure to remove the mix from the heat as soon as they are all melted, and that way it isn’t overheated. stirring constantly, I add the essential oils and then the gel. Perhaps the oils were too hot? I’m sorry that this happened and hope that we can figure out why so it doesn’t happen next time.

    • Mandi
      MandiJuly 18,17

      Mine did the same thing. Did you find a solution for that lumpiness?

  5. Mandi
    MandiJuly 18,17

    How did you get yours so smooth? Mine is kinda lumpy. I think it’s the aloe vera gel I used. I made mine homemade, put it in my mini food processor and got it as smooth as possible. It’ll do for the purpose, I was just hoping mine would look smooth creamy like yours.

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseJuly 18,17

      Hi Mandi, that is strange! I think what is happening is that the aloe gel is too cool, and it is cooling and setting the oils and butters before it is properly mixed. Try gently heating the mixture to melt it and then stir it together. Please let me know if this makes a difference. Thanks!

  6. Crys
    CrysAugust 11,17

    I love the idea of this! I wonder, though is there an alternative to the coconut oil? I’m highly allergic.

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