DIY Beach Mason Jar Solar Lights

Beach Glass Solar Lights

These beachy solar lights are like little treasure jars filled with the calming blue, purple, and green tones of beach glass. The light reflects off of found seashells and a puff of reindeer moss, but the glass almost looks electrified the way it glows!This simple project shows you how to make Beach Mason Jar Solar Lights - this would be a great idea for a weeding or beach party

Make these tiny seaside worlds with just a few materials, then bask in the cool glow as the beach glass comes to life at night.Beach Mason Jar Solar Light project lights up the night


Make it!
Gather your materials. I always have a stash of seashells around because I live near the beach, but you could certainly pick up some supplies at a craft store.Beach Mason Jar Solar Lights Materials

You can make or purchase the solar light lids. Make them here. Buy them here.

DIY Beach Mason Jar Solar Lights

Pour sand into the bottom of the jar and shift it off to one side a bit. Place the beach glass on the low side of the sand, building it up so that the top becomes level. Add in a few decorative shells or bleached branches and a small piece of reindeer moss. If you have been doing any of my moss projects, you should have a bit left over. If you want to see some of the wide range of colors that reindeer moss comes in, check out this project.

How to Make Beach Mason Jar Solar Lights

Attach the mason jar light and set it out in the sun to charge.Decorative Beach Mason Jar Solar Lights

You will be impressed at how much light these little gems produce! The glass comes alive and really glows. I made a few for my back patio space and found them so bright that I have to turn them off when I go to bed or they will glow through the windows.

Make your own mason jar solar light lids here for just $1 each! 

Mason Jar Solar Lights

Tip: look for solar lights with an off switch. It will also come in handy when storing them for the winter months.How to Make Simple but Beautiful Beachy Mason Jar Solar Lights

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  1. Amanda
    AmandaJune 19,15

    The jars are lovely. Little pieces of sea in the garden:)

  2. Daisy
    DaisyAugust 11,15

    Wow! This is amazing, I did not know about this.. Can’t wait to try it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Reese
    ReeseSeptember 1,15

    So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Chloe Crabtree
    Chloe CrabtreeJune 8,16

    These are so sweet and so simple to make, I had no idea you could create such cute little diy solar lamps. I like that you could theme these however you would like with what you put in the jars! I am sharing these over at FB and pinning these, but I would love it if you would stop by over at my Celebrate Your Story! link party and share these, they are perfect for outdoor summer fun! If you have the time, here is the link:

  5. Shirley Wood
    Shirley WoodJune 8,16

    What a clever way to show off beach glass! I love the solar light. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday.

  6. Megan
    MeganJuly 2,16

    How lovely are these? I had no idea they made mason jar solar lids, you could create so many versions of this! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseJuly 11,16

      They didn’t make them back when I started making mason jar solar lights…and then a few years later I started to see them everywhere. It’s very handy!!

  7. Jake
    JakeOctober 29,16

    Why is the sand blue in the pictures, and can you use just regular sand?

  8. Jake
    JakeOctober 29,16

    Why did you use blue sand? Would it work with just regular sand? Thanks

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseOctober 30,16

      Hi Jake, you can use any color of sand that you like! I like blue :)

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