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A Fabulous Fall Bleached Pinecone Wreath

This gorgeous bleached pinecone wreath has rustic charm with a contemporary twist. With just a few easy steps, you can create your own bleached pinecone wreath to enjoy throughout the colder seasons.

Make a bleached pinecone wreath

Bleached pinecones are all the rage! While pinecones have always been a staple of autumn and winter décor,  bleaching them gives them a softer, brighter, more modern look than untreated pinecones. The light color also creates a contrast and makes the interesting shapes of the cones really stand out.We have seen single bleached pinecones displayed in glass terrariums, groups of them piled into decorative baskets, bleached pinecone garlands, bleached pinecone ornaments with ribbon hangers, and this gorgeous bleached pinecone door swag. This bleached pinecone wreath project really captured our hearts here at Garden Therapy (you know how much we love wreaths).

This wreath is the perfect way to adorn your entrance this fall. It has a rustic farmhouse look, but the surprising white color of the pinecones gives it a modern, minimalist feel. And the best part? It is super easy to make!

Bleached Pine Cone Wreath

Begin by taking a walk through a park, wood, or tree-lined street and pick up a whole bunch of pinecones. Follow the instructions for bleaching the pinecones here, and then you are ready to begin your wreath.


bleached pinecone wreath

Make it!

Divide the pinecones into different sized groupings so that you can choose between medium and small ones for each layer.

bleached pinecone wreath

Lay out medium pinecones around the wreath form, with the base of the pinecones touching the wreath. Use professional strength glue to attach the first one to the base. Add glue to base of the second pinecone and knit the second one into the first one as you attach the base to the wreath form.

bleached pinecone wreath

Continue to glue the base of the pinecones onto the outer ring of the wreath form, while knitting them tightly together to fill up the spaces.

making a bleached pinecone wreath

Lay out the inside ring of smallest pinecones. Attach those to the inner ring as you did to the outer ring.

A bleached pinecone wreath for fall

Add a third layer of medium sized pinecones alternating between the first ring. Nestle these in as close to the other pinecones as you can, while gluing the base to the wreath form.

Add fourth and fifth rings to fill in the gaps between the layers and fill in all the spaces.

finished wreath

I thought this wreath looked pretty great on the white door,

bleached pinecone wreath rustic ribbon

but it’s also at home in the garden. Which do you like better?Bleached Pinecone Wreath on Garden Fence


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  1. ariel
    arielSeptember 8,17

    Stephanie this is beautiful! I’ve never bleached pinecones before but I think I should start! This wreath is quintessentially fall and will transition into the holidays beautifully.

  2. Lindi
    LindiSeptember 8,17

    This is so clever! Of course I had to hop over and read about how you bleached them, lol. I would never have thought of that! LOVE the wreath!

  3. Kathy
    KathySeptember 9,17

    I just love the texture of pinecones wreaths and bleaching them made this even more beautiful!!

  4. Kelsey
    KelseySeptember 9,17

    This is gorgeous! I’m really going to have to try it soon. I guess a bonus would be that no living thing would be left on those pinecones after soaking in bleach for 24 hours!

  5. Kathy @ Garden Experiments
    Kathy @ Garden ExperimentsSeptember 27,17

    Its beautiful! I have a tone of pine cones in my yard, so I’d like to try this. How heavy is the wreath? Also, it’s pretty humid where i live and my front door sometimes gets rain on it. I discovered that pine cones will close up again if they get enough water on them. Did you see that happen when you left the wreath outdoors?

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