How To Make A Gorgeous Fresh Herb Wreath Step 8

Make a Gorgeous Culinary Herb Wreath

This year when you are harvesting your lush herb garden, why not reserve some for making an herb wreath? Not only are they beautiful, but they are functional too! Hang an herb wreath in your kitchen and harvest sprigs here and there to add to your cooking. The herbs will dry on the wreath form, looking beautiful and preserving the flavor while releasing fragrance throughout the space.Make a fresh herb wreath that smells terrific

Herb gardening has become one of my favorite hobbies and this year I’m growing over 25 different types of herbs! There’s nothing better than a backyard garden full of fragrant edible plants. Now that it’s harvest season, I’ve been researching ways to use them. I mainly use fresh herbs in cooking. Last year I made up a batch of yummy oregano pesto. I also made my own herbal vinegar, and of course I made this gorgeous culinary herb wreath.

Herbs to Choose

You can use a wide variety of herb stems, flowers and leaves to make your wreath. I found it’s best to use woody-stemmed herbs (like rosemary, sage, and lavender) because they tend to hold their shape once dry. But feel free to experiment with soft-stemmed herbs like mint and lemon balm too. I found some beautiful basil wreaths on Pinterest! And don’t forget to add a touch of color by adding herbal flowers such as chive or fennel blossoms!

fresh cut herbs

Choose Herbs Based on a Theme

Culinary Wreath: Create a snip-as-you-cook wreath to hang in your kitchen. Culinary herbs to include are rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram, parsley, and chives.

Tea Wreath: If you’re a tea lover you can create a wreath with all of your favorite brews like chamomile, lavender, lemongrass, mint, and lemon verbena.

Spa Wreath: Make a wreath of herbs that can be added to a warm bath (along with some soothing bath salts). Choose herbs like mint (try orange, lemon or grapefruit mints), lemon verbena, lemon balm, lavender, and rosemary.

 Materials for a gorgeous herb wreath


Make an Herb Wreath


Gather your supplies and choose an herb to become the base of your wreath. I chose rosemary. Using twist ties and/or floral wire, begin covering your wreath base. Be patient with this process. It took me longer to do this than I had originally anticipated.

How to Make a Gorgeous Fresh Herb Wreath

Once you have an herb base covering your frame, you can begin building off of it. There are a few different techniques I tried. I selected 2-3 different herbs and created small bunches using rubber bands. Then I added each bunch to the wreath, using floral wire to secure it. The other method I tried was simply poking individual sprigs into the wreath and securing them again with floral wire.How to Make a Gorgeous Fresh Herb Wreath

Work slowly and experiment with different placements and herb combinations. Continue to add herbs until you’ve completely covered the wreath frame.How to Make a Gorgeous Fresh Herb Wreath

And that’s it! Now find a place to hang your wreath and enjoy.How to Make a Gorgeous Fresh Herb Wreath

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Rachel Beyer is an artist, designer, and creative maker living in Portland, Oregon. She spends her days working at Molly Muriel Apothecary and blogging at Adventures In Making. Her favorite hobbies include cooking, gardening, and crafting.

About the Author : Rachel BeyerRachel Beyer is an artist, designer and creative maker living in Portland, Oregon. She spends her days working at Molly Muriel Apothecary and blogging at Adventures In Making. Her favorite hobbies include cooking, gardening, and crafting.View all posts by Rachel Beyer

  1. Kathy Allen
    Kathy AllenAugust 20,15

    I loved these ideas. I have made simple small oregano wreathes by twisting long, leggy oregano and added a plain bow (red, white and green for the Italian flag when I can find it) and a simple poem. I make bath salts (the Epsom salt kind!) and sugar scrubs for my “be good to yourself baskets”. The spa wreathe would be a great addition!

  2. Rebecca Morsching
    Rebecca MorschingJuly 27,16

    So beautiful! I would love to make some and give as gifts. I wonder how one would ship it through the mail and still maintain some freshness? Maybe impossible. Thanks for sharing!

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseAugust 2,16

      Maybe this is a gift that would be better in person? If you want to ship one, I think there are perfect square boxes that you can pack a wreath into. Send it fresh and it will dry after the wreath has been opened by the lucky recipient!

  3. deb s
    deb sAugust 1,16

    I am going to do this. such good ideas on this website. I am always inspired an uplifted.

  4. Carole @TootSweet4Two
    Carole @TootSweet4TwoAugust 6,16

    Beautiful! Your post has inspired me to give it a try. I have rosemary, lavender and sage growing profusely in my garden. I can just smell my new wreath now…. Pinning!

  5. Lori
    LoriAugust 8,16

    Hi Stephanie! This is such a wonderful creative idea! The aroma would be amazing! We would love to have you share this and some of your other creative projects at our Dishing It & Digging It Link party! Live every Sunday @ 4pm.

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