Creative Wood Slice Project Ideas

Creative Wood Slice Projects

Slices of branches or tree trunks are all the rage! It’s no wonder why there are so many uses for these rustic yet beautiful cross-sections of wood. I can’t think of a better way to bring the outdoors in than with a unique wood slice project. I created a guide over on my eBay blog with tips to make something creative with wood slices for your home or as a gift (plus some tips on how to find and finish the wood).

8 Creative Wood Slice ProjectsCreative Wood Slice Projects

A few years ago I made some natural branch coasters that I still get asked about weekly. Mostly people want to buy a set of mine, but they are so easy to make that I encourage them to follow the tutorial and get in a little craft therapy.

I only have one set of my coasters left as I gave the rest of them away. I had so much fun working with wood slices that I have since done a number of projects with them, including these Christmas Tree Ornaments made from a Christmas tree trunk (you can find this project in my book, Garden Made).Owl Christmas Tree Wood Slice Ornaments from the book Garden Made

Here are some other crafty projects you can make with your Christmas tree:a bunch of crafty ways to recycle your Christmas tree


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    abbiMay 6,16

    Cute ideas! Our family has had fun making things with wood slices too.

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