How to Make a Foraged Fairy House

Whimsical Foraged Fairy Houses You Would Think Were Actually Made By Fairies

Foraged materials like mushrooms, pinecones, and branches make little woodland houses so realistic looking that you would think they were made by fairies. Using natural elements, the Fairy House Ladies of Disney—sisters Rhonda Maseman and Vikki Yarborough—have been designing whimsical fairy houses for the past ten years. Their designs are not just fanciful, they are also weatherproof and can stay outside all year.How to Make a Foraged Fairy House and Inspiration Gallery

The increase in the popularity of fairy gardening has brought many mass-produced fairy houses that have the look of a whimsical woodsy cottage. These plastic structures look like they are covered in moss, bark, and acorns, mimicking the found materials that we can imagine fairies would have used to build their abodes. But why use plastic when nature makes the best materials?How to Make a Foraged Fairy House

Once you see the artistry of the fairy houses in Tinkerbell’s garden at Epcot, you will want to send the plastic versions off to Neverland. Tinkerbell's Garden

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There were many designs and creative ideas.How to Make a Foraged Fairy House

Of course, each is a one-of-a-kind creation.

 How to Make a Foraged Fairy HouseAnd made to last through sun and rain.
How to Make a Foraged Fairy House

The artists shared a few tips with me on how they make these fairy houses so they last against the elements, but how you decorate for the fairies is completely up to you!How to Make a Foraged Fairy House

How to Make Foraged Fairy Houses

Make it!
You can use a small wood birdhouse as the base structure of the fairy house and use the foraged elements to decorate it. It has the right structure and dimensions already so your time can be spent creating the facade. Most of the supplies are found outdoors and include seed pods, leaves, shells, pebbles, twigs, and mushrooms.
How to Make a Foraged Fairy House
Paint the wood with an outdoor craft paint to seal it. This also helps to hide the base when the shingles and roof are added.How to Make a Fairy House
You can also use other found elements, from a metal kettle to a roller skate.
Fairy Houses from Foraged and Found Objects
Attach the found and foraged elements to the base using:

Foraged Fairy House Inspiration GalleryWhen you have attached all of the elements, seal the entire house with an outdoor spray polyurethane. The Fairy House Ladies swear by Spar Urethane sealer as it doesn’t yellow with age. How to Make a Foraged Fairy House

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  1. Jenny
    JennyApril 3,17

    So adorable! I visited Epcot a few years ago for the Flower and Garden Festival, and at that time they also had a fairy garden house display. I was inspired to make my own, and I ended up with two different birdhouses-turned-fairyhouses. I love them both! Thanks for sharing these great ideas, of course, the Imagineers’ versions are much more inventive and detailed than mine turned out to be. Nonetheless, a fun project that I still enjoy.

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseApril 7,17

      Jenny, I would love to see a picture of yours! IO can’t wait to give one a try.

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