How To Make Glass Gazing Balls For Miniature Gardens

Simple Gazing Balls Idea for Miniature Gardens

Great Balls of Glass! Gazing balls in the garden are all the rage. It all started back in Venice, Italy, where hand-blown glass artistry adorns all parts of the home, including the lawn. After that, decorative gazing balls traveled their way around Europe and while they were considered a Victorian era decor piece for English gardens, gazing balls can now be found in all gardens of any style. These ones are made for the miniature gardening fans out there! They are a fun and simple project that you can make in no time!How to Make Glass Gazing Balls for Miniature Gardens

You may have seen these for sale in the store, but they are easy to make once you know how – we actually had to prove we made these by hand for our Etsy store a couple of years ago. You can use this project all year long and make color-coordinated gazing balls to suit any occasion or match your full-size décor. You can find solid-colored marbles in thrift stores, some independent toy stores or antique stores, just ask for Chinese marbles (from the old Chinese checkers game.)

How to Make Minaiture Garden Gazing Balls (1)


  • Marbles
  • Floral wire, 20 gauge
  • Round-nosed pliers
  • Wire snips

Make it!

1. Start the spiral at the end of the wire and do a couple of rotations first.

How to Make Minaiture Garden Gazing Balls (2)

2. Place the marble in the circle and hold on tightly to the wire and the marble with one hand, while circling around with the other hand.

How to Make Minaiture Garden Gazing Balls (3)

3. Straighten and move the loops right on the marble with your fingers to make them evenly spaced.

How to Make Minaiture Garden Gazing Balls (4)

4. Add a smaller spiral before you add the marble, afterwards, or both, for more variety for your gazing ball bouquet.Miniature Garden Gazing Balls

These gazing balls are a delightful adornment to a miniature garden.Christmas Miniature Garden

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