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20 Awesome Gifts Under Ten Dollars That Look Like a Million Bucks

Awesome gifts under ten dollars? Yes! It’s possible and here is how: make them yourself! There is one catch though. Homemade gift-giving can often be as expensive or more than store-bought gifts. I know I have walked out of a craft shop looking at my receipt wondering how I spent so much on just the supplies. There is just so much to make and so many cool supplies to stock up with, right? But really, if you follow my tips, you can make all 20 of these gifts under ten dollars each.

Gifts Under Ten Dollars - How to Make a Beaded Wind Chime with Bells

On the other hand, if you are smart and savvy, you can create some pretty sensational gifts with just a few inexpensive supplies. There are plenty of crafty treasures you can create for a fraction of the price of store bought. The best part is that they look much more expensive and will put a huge grin on the face of your recipient.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are making handmade gifts on a budget:

  • There are many frugal gift ideas that don’t come from the dollar store. If you have a longer list than your bank account will allow, make some of these in bulk and the savings will pour in.
  • Stick to projects with supplies you have on hand, can find for free, or can buy for cheap.
  • Watch out for specialized equipment. If you don’t have a sewing machine or a double boiler, don’t buy one just to start the project. There are ways you can work around the equipment (borrow a sewing machine, make a double boiler) or choose another project.
  • Don’t rush. If you have a project in mind but don’t need the materials “like-yesterday” then you can keep your eyes peeled for a sale when you are out shopping. I pick up silicone candy molds whenever I see them on sale because of the many ways I can and want to use them (bath melts, chocolates, homemade crayons, etc.)
  • Hold a handcrafted gift swap with some friends. Arrange a few talented folks to each make a large batch of one gift then have a party to trade with your pals. A party with friends swapping handmade gifts is much more appealing than shopping for gifts!20 Gift Under Ten Dollars (that look like a million bucks!)
Now, let’s get onto the ideas! Here are some fabulous DIY gifts under ten dollars and the steps to make them!

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