Make Delicious Root Beer at Home

Homemade Root Beer Recipe

Have you ever wondered what the flavor is in root beer? Or why it’s called root beer? Well, those little mysteries are unraveled for us: root beer is made of a complex combination of different roots. Supposedly root beer was originally invented by Charles Hires, a pharmacist who made many tonics from various roots and teas for health reasons. He made version that was sold with the promise of purifying the blood and making cheeks rosy.

Make Delicious Root Beer at Home

The primary flavor that you will recognize in root beer is sassafras but many other roots come into play to make the famous beverage like sarsaparilla, birch, wintergreen, licorice, and burdock. In learning that root beer is just a combination of different roots, I was inspired to try my own version with ingredients found in the recipes that I thought would taste good together. I’ve made it many times now and I think it is perfect!


Dried Sassafras, Sarsparilla, Burdock, Star Anise Ingredients for Root Beer

Make it!

Combine all ingredients except sugar and vanilla in a saucepan and bring to a simmer for 30 minutes.  Stir in the sugar and vanilla until dissolved. Simmer on lowest heat setting for another 30 minutes until mixture is a bit thicker and syrupy. Strain out all the bits then cool.Make Delicious Root Beer at Home

Mix 1/2 cup chilled syrup with 1 ½ cups soda water (seltzer).  Make sure that both the seltzer and the syrup are chilled as it’s the difference in temperature that causes the eruption of fizz up and over your glass.  Also add syrup to soda, not the other way around. I found the final drink to be incredibly flavourful, with all the complexity you would expect from having such diverse flavors mixed together and a creamy mouth feel.

Homemade Root Beer Recipe

I like that I can add as much or as little syrup as I want and control the sweetness.  Particularly when making a root beer float which I have now done more times than I should!

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How to Make Delicious Root Beer at Home

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  1. Tom
    TomJune 26,13

    Super cool, I’m going to try this out :)

  2. Stephanie
    StephanieJune 26,13

    Be careful Tom, it’s addictive!

  3. Laurie
    LaurieFebruary 10,14

    This is a must try recipe!

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  4. Deb
    DebMay 8,14

    Is it possible to use Honey instead of Brown Sugar?

  5. Stephanie
    StephanieMay 8,14

    Go for it, Deb. Let us know how it turns out.

  6. Matt
    MattJanuary 26,15

    How much syrup does this recipe make?

  7. Stephanie
    StephanieJanuary 26,15

    Hi Matt, it makes about 4 cups, but depends a bit on how much you reduce it down.

  8. Stu
    StuFebruary 24,15

    How does one print the root beer recipe?

  9. Stephanie
    StephanieFebruary 24,15

    Hi Stu, you can copy and paste it into a new document and print that way, or select the print option in your browser. Enjoy!

  10. Holly
    HollyFebruary 25,15

    Has anybody tried xylitol or stevia ?? I can’t wait to try this. I stopped drinking soda a year ago due to the sugar and all the other bad things. YIPPIE !!! I can’t wait to try it.

    Thanks for the recipe!!!

  11. Virginia Graves
    Virginia GravesApril 30,15

    If there is no print button r cljck mouse a collum will open click print then a box will open just click print

  12. Sylvie H.
    Sylvie H.May 20,15

    I’m also Canadian, I live in Ontario. Do you have any idea where I can find sarsaparilla, sassafras, licorice root & burdock root?

  13. Stephanie
    StephanieMay 20,15

    Hi Sylvie, I get all the roots at a natural grocery store called Famous Foods here in Vancouver. I don’t think they have a location in Ontario but you could try Whole Foods perhaps. I hope that helps!

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