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Yarn Bombing Candles

Yarn Bombing and Other Trends for Dressing Up Outdoor CANdles

burlap and yarn wrapped cans

As effective and economical this project for homemade Citronella CANdles is, the end result could definitely use some prettying up.

Citronella Candle

The first stage was to use a household staple, jute twine, around each can. This looks pretty cool and has the added bonus of giving you a place to put your hand when the can is burning hot and needs to be moved.

citronella candlesStill, it needed a bit more burn protection, and colour. Enter Yarn Bombing, the trend for random acts of yarn. While a guerrilla knitter didn’t sneak in and wrap these in the night, they certainly do brighten up the place.

Yarn Bombing CandlesOf course burlap needed to make an appearance as well, being yet another gardener standby and oh-so popular right now. Good old burlap looks great on this can with a wee bit of rust on it.

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Flower Print

Flower Pounding: Printing Fabric with Natural Elements

What better way to preserve the beauty of summer blooms than by pounding them with a rock onto fabric? It might sound a little odd, but flower pounding is my new favorite thing!

Framed Flower Pounding Art

I know that’s the first thing I think of when looking at a gorgeous flower. “Hey, I think I’ll smash this with a rock.” Okay, I may not have naturally come to this idea, but when I had the chance to try it at a summer event, I was hooked. This project is a lot of fun to do with kids and it will help you bang out some old frustrations as well.

Flower pounding is a fun and easy way to create botanical prints on fabric. The flowers and leaves dye the fabric and leave a pretty, colorful imprint behind. What you design is up to you!

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DIY bottle vase painting project

Painted Bottle Vases

Hi there Garden Therapy readers! I’m Hanna from Pearls and Scissors and I’d like to share a recycling project with you. I’m a huge fan of killing multiple birds with one stone, and this DIY project is no exception. I had a pile of jars and glass bottles that I wanted to put to better use and a dire need for vases, so I created some simple jar and bottle vases with glass and ceramic paint.

 hand painted vase DIY project

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