What A Christmas Cactus Needs To Bloom

How to Get Your Christmas Cactus to Bloom!

A Christmas cactus is one of my very favorite holiday plants. Pops of unexpected color bloom from alien-like tendrils that creep and drape over the plant. These are attractive plants to have all year, but the real magic comes from when they bloom. There are a few specific steps you can take to ensure that you get the best show from this showstopper which I wrote about over on my eBay blog.

Read it here: How to Get your Christmas Cactus to BloomHow to get your Christmas Cactus to bloom

Christmas cactus setting buds and beginning to flower

Year-round care for your plant is also important. This article also covers what you can do to help the plant thrive every season of the year!How to care for your Christmas Cactus

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  1. Melanie White
    Melanie WhiteNovember 23,15

    I love Christmas Cacti! Keep in mind, a cactus creates a bloom as a last-ditch attempt to save itself. That’s why it needs to be in darkness half of the day. This helps you ‘trick’ the cactus. Misting is a great way to keep it moist in between waterings. Watering too much will cause you to shoot yourself in the foot. And always enjoy it’s splendor while your cactus is in full bloom!

  2. RD @ Rural Landscaping
    RD @ Rural LandscapingDecember 3,15

    I was planning to make my Christmas more special and colorful. I think I’ve found the right thing that will make it more lively and festive this season. Thanks for sharing this. I will surely apply this.

  3. Drew
    DrewMarch 17,16

    I have always loved Christmas cactus but I’ve only had one that actually bloomed. I’ll have to take these tips into consideration.

  4. Courtney Helena
    Courtney HelenaDecember 14,16

    This is great! Mine are just opening now and I was wondering how someone in a cooler climate would do it. I wrote a recent post (and did a podcast) about getting amaryllis to rebloom, another tricky holiday favorite!
    Thanks for all your fun and informative posts, Stephanie!

  5. Susan
    SusanFebruary 5,17

    I have christmas lant and a thanksgiving plant how to make them bloom

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