Grow Beautiful Hanging Baskets With These Tips

Design Hanging Baskets Like a Pro

There is so much variety in gardening as a hobby that you can come up with new projects and ideas every day. There are a few tried-and-true garden projects that are popular because they are simple and rewarding. Designing hanging baskets is one of those projects. Admittedly, I didn’t get into the ornamental hanging basket game until later in my gardening life. I have grown plenty of edibles like strawberries, herbs, and tomatoes in hanging baskets. But to design hanging baskets for ornamental plants was never on my basket list.

Until I visited the California Spring Trials and saw some of the most spectacular displays hanging from hooks all around the gardens. You can read more about that trip here. I have never been much for annuals either, but after that trip, I get it. Growing annuals is a celebration for the eyes: bursts of color and waves of blooms cascading over the edges. Sign. Me. Up!

To design hanging baskets this year with ornamental plants, I used my experience with container design and growing vegetables vertically to create a few articles to make the whole process easy and successful to recreate at home. If you follow me here you know that I also write a blog on eBay, where I share “How To” Guides on various gardening topics. I have been writing there for awhile now and have over 70 guides! Most recently, I’ve shared two on hanging baskets that you might enjoy:

Grow the Biggest, Brightest Hanging Baskets on the Block

Tips and ideas on growing beautiful hanging baskets

Clock Face Planting For Simple Hanging Basket Design

Take the Mystery Out - Design Hanging Baskets Like a Pro with these tips

Keep an eye on this post as I’ll be sharing more photos as the baskets grow in over the summer. Happy planting!

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  1. Liza
    LizaMay 14,16

    Love your posts

  2. Dee
    DeeMay 20,16

    What a gorgeous arrangement — love it! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  3. Candace
    CandaceMay 25,16

    Do you have recommendations on where to hang these if you don’t have a front porch or portico? I love the way these look, but unsure of where I can put them.

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