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Gorgeous Bouquets from the Herb Garden

Giving a bouquet of flowers is a wonderful sentiment, especially if it’s from your garden. I love flowers as much as any girl, but herbs have a special place in my heart. When a new neighbor moves in or there’s a new baby home from the hospital, I like to create beautiful and aromatic hand-tied herbal bouquets from the garden. Herbs? Why not! They smell wonderful, look beautiful and dry well; as an added bonus you can eat them too!There are many styles of bouquets but the posy is my favorite. This classic hand-tied herbal bouquet is simple yet looks contemporary.

The Posy Bouquet

There are many styles of bouquets but the posy is my favorite. This classic hand-tied herbal bouquet is simple yet looks contemporary. And it is a cinch to make.

Posy bouquets were very popular during the Victorian era and were used as secret messages for lovers. Each flower chosen for the bouquet has a specific meaning to convey to its recipient. Like flowers, herbs have special meanings associated with them: rosemary for remembrance, basil for love, and thyme for courage. Putting together a posy of herbs to give away is a wonderful way to show a friend or a loved one how much they mean to to make herbal bouquets

I like to use natural jute twine to tie a simple bow to hold the herbs together. Once the posy begins to wilt, the recipient can hang it upside down to dry without having to remove any decorative ribbons or pins. You don’t need to be a trained florist to make this beautiful herbal bouquet. Throw out those stuffy rules of flower arrangement; you can’t go wrong here. Add herbs in layers of color and texture until it’s pleasing to your eyes.

The Spaghetti Dinner Bouquet

I like to put together herbs that compliment each other in appearance and flavor. This one I call the “Spaghetti Dinner.” It’s a combination of chives, parsley, oregano, and basil: the essential herbs for the perfect marinara sauce. This makes a perfect hostess gift.

Layer different types of basil for added color and texture. In this posy, I used genovese, purple and spicy globe basil for color and texture. The oregano, parsley, and chives gives the bouquet height and structure. Package this bouquet with some pasta, garden-fresh tomatoes and loaf of crusty bread. You are certain to be invited over for dinner again!

make a spaghetti dinner herbal bouquet Spaghetti dinner herb bouquet - for a unique hostess gift from your herb garden

The Chicken Soup Bouquet

This bouquet is perfect for a friend recovering from a cold or someone who could use some nurturing. I used sage, rosemary, lemon thyme (in flower) and dill for this bouquet. The rosemary and sage give the posy height and the thyme and dill soften the lines. Overall, this bouquet has a rustic, romantic look.

Package this posy with some homemade stock or a scrumptious roasted chicken. Add in some pasta for the making of comfy chicken noodle soup.

make a chicken soup herbal bouquet Chicken soup herb bouquet - perfect for a friend recovering from a cold or someone who could use some nurturing

The Healing Aromatherapy Bouquet

The herb combo is this bouquet is perfect for relaxation. I gathered these herbs based on their aroma and healing properties. This would make a lovely gift for a bride-to-be. Lavender, mint, lemon balm, calendula and echinacea are the prettiest and most colorful herbs in this lineup. More important than their beauty are their healing powers. Lavender and calendula are known beauty aids. Lemon balm and mint calm and soothe digestion. Echinacea is a fierce fighter of colds and the flu.

Add this bouquet with a basket full of pampering goodies and candles. No need to drive to a spa for a day of relaxation and aromatherapy.

make a get-well-soon herbal bouquet This herb bouquet filled with lavender, mint, lemon balm, calendula and echinacea is pretty and medicinal.

Put it All Together

If you are not sure which one to give, put them together to make a larger bouquet. Present the herbs in a tin wrapped in a strip of fabric and twine. The combination of herbs gives off an intoxicating aroma. I guarantee that your herbal bouquet will not be forgotten.Beautiful natural posy flower arrangement ideas straight from the herb garden.

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