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15 Gifts You Should Make This Year

Looking for some handmade gift ideas that show how much you care? These gift ideas are simple, fun to make, and exemplify the idea that it’s the thought that counts.15 Gifts You Should Make This Year #handmade #holiday

Bath & Body

Lavender Oatmeal Tub TeaThese Tub Teas are the perfect gift for someone who works hard and could use a little papering. The list of ingredients is long so you probably have most of what you need at home already!

Healing Cuticle BalmLooking for a gift for someone who works hard with their hands? This Healing Cuticle Balm will help soothe what ails them.

Gardeners Herbal Foot Soak Recipe

If you have someone who’s feet could use a little relief (the gardener in your life maybe?) try out this Healing Herbal Food Soak which doubles as bath salts.

Three tubes of Hemp and Honey Lip Balm recipePucker up, Sweetie, for this Hemp and Honey Lip Balm.

how to make bath bombsSave a bunch of money by making DIY Bath Bombs at home.

How to Make Homemade SoapGrab a friend and spend the afternoon making All Natural Homemade Soap for gifts this year. It’s fun chemistry and good for your skin!

easy DIY Lavender Bath Salts on silver trayIf you are short on time, these pretty jars of Lavender Bath Salts can be made in a flash!

Foodie Love

Rosemary Lemon Sea SaltRosemary Lemon Sea Salt is a great condiment to pass onto the Foodie in your life.Herb Infused Vinegar Recipes

A bunch of recipes here for Herb Infused Vinegar to give you lots of variety. They look fabulous when wrapped in a wine box.

For the Home

Beeswax Seashell Tealights

Seashell Beeswax Tea Lights would be perfect for someone who loves the ocean. Head out to do some beach combing or just hit a seafood restaurant for the shells.

Lavender Dryer BagsIf your loved ones love lavender, than make up a bunch of these Lavender Dryer Bags for a burst of natural freshness in the laundry.

Glass Globe terrarium Sedum Air plants tillandsia shell mossThese little Hanging Globe Terrariums are a great gift for someone who loves low maintenance plants! They need only to have the plants soaked in water every 1-2 weeks.

lavender eye pillowsShhhhh! Stop the insanity! Give someone the gift of relaxation with these Serenity Now! Lavender Eye Pillows.

Lotus Flower Beeswax  Soy Mason Jar CandlesThese candles have a surprise when you open the jar making them both wrapping and gift: Beeswax Flower Candles.

Branch CoastersChop up some branches from the garden to make Natural Branch Coasters. This simple project has big impact on style!


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  2. Such a wonderful round-up of homemade gifts. I try to make my family of 18 something every year… Last year I made clay ornaments. This year I am thinking of making some type of sugar hand-scrub. Thanks for the inspiration!


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