Homemade Gifts From Nature

Simply Stunning Homemade Gifts Inspired by Nature

Do you dread the thought of fighting your way through busy malls and shopping centers in order to pick out the perfect gift? You are not alone. It’s not that I dislike purchasing gifts, I just do not like shopping for them. Gasp, I know, I know…who doesn’t like shopping? Me! (But I LOVE crafting.)Simply Stunning Homemade Gifts Inspired by Nature

I appreciate when someone takes the time to make me something. Making presents myself is a two-fold gift: I get a joy of the personal time spent being crafty and I get to give something filled with hand-crafted thoughtfulness. If you want to do something extra special for this year, try making your gifts. Your family and friends will love the time and effort spent on such a thoughtful present. If you need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve rounded up some gorgeous homemade gifts inspired by the garden and nature. All of them are easy to make, so hop to it!

Planters and Pots

verigated sage and thyme in a DIY nail polish marbled terracotta garden pot


Flower Tea Cozy from a thrifted sweater

Bath and Beauty

You can also find a whole lot more Natural Skincare Recipes here:

 Natural Skincare Series

Garden Therapy Natural Skincare Series - recipes inspired by the garden

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    Los Mejores Detalles Para Mi NovioNovember 3,16

    I just want to thank you Stephanie! I love your articles and this blog gives me real inspiration as i am a spanish(Latam) copywriter. Regards from Argentina =)

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