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All-Natural Rose and Lavender Spray Deodorant Recipe

This rose and lavender spray deodorant recipe will make you smell like a flower, even when you are sweating it out in the garden! Made with gentle, all-natural ingredients that work hard and protect your health.Lavender Rose Spray Deodorant Recipe

I could tell you all about this all natural spray deodorant made with plant-based ingredients that are good for your skin. I could go on and on about how it is packed with the skin soothing benefits of aloe, witch hazel, lavender, and rose. I could rave about it containing no harmful chemicals that can cause disease and impair your body’s natural functions. Or I could tell you that that it smells just like a floral garden in the summer.

But you don’t care about that, right?!

You just want to know if it works!

Dried Rose and Lavender

Formulating Natural Spray Deodorant Recipes

I started formulating spray deodorants after sharing a room with my friend Crystal (the creative genius and my mom-spiration from Hello Creative Family) who used a deodorant spray she customized at an essential oils workshop. The combination of fragrances she used smelled like a bakery: clove, cinnamon, and vanilla. YUM. I tried it out and boy-oh-boy did it ever work! But using hot oils like clove and cinnamon caused my sensitive skin to have a reaction. Nothing terrible, but I wondered if I could make a recipe that worked just as well, but was calming for skin at the same time.

I made a few different variations of simple spray base and tested some combinations of essential oils until I found one that was soothing, nice-smelling, and does the job. Rose and lavender for the win! It’s pretty, floral, and more than anything else, it works.

Ingredients for Rose Lavender Spray Deodorant RecipeThe Testing Process

I’ve tested it now for a year on myself, my family, and anyone else who will agree to it. After testing it in the all four seasons in Vancouver went well, I needed to turn up the volume a bit so I took it to southern Mexico and I had some surprising results. It worked just as well as it had at home, but I also ended up using it on my face and skin to sooth and cool down my freckly, over-sunned skin. And I learned that it works great on clothes too. It not only prevents any odor for my underarms but I was also able to use it on my clothes when they needed a bit of freshening up.

Natural Spray DeodorantAll-Natural Rose and Lavender Spray Deodorant Recipe

This recipe is not only good for your skin, but also the planet. I’m big on reducing the amount of packaging I use and I love glass or stainless steel bottles that can be reused. Here are some pretty blue glass ones that I use.


Make it!

Measure all of the ingredients and add them to a fine mist spray bottle. Shake well to combine and spray on underarm area after showering or when your underarms need freshening up. Shake well before each use.Rose and Lavender Spray Deodorant

More Deodorant Recipes

If you prefer a solid deodorant over a spray, this Homemade Deodorant Recipe with Lavender and Sage from Colleen at Grow Forage Cook Ferment and this Herbal Deodorant for Women from Jan at Nerdy Farm Wife are great options to try.

More Natural Skin Care Recipes from the Flower Garden


  1. Can you please give a breakdown of these ingredient measurements in drops and ounces?

  2. How can I print this out? I have trouble writing some days and I use my phone as I don’t have internet. It would make it so much easier. I had write most of your make it directions hand surgeries. Thank you

  3. Why do I need a kitchen scale to measure liquids given in ml? They are all liquid measurements.

    • Excellent point, Lynette! You know, I’m so used to weighing every single drop of each recipe that it’s a habit now. You can just measure the volume in a measuring cup. Thanks for catching that! xo Stephanie

  4. Hi! Would it be possible to get the recipe for your friend’s deodorant (the one with clove, cinnamon and vanilla)? Thanks

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely website Stephanie! Very grateful for these wonderful recipes.
    Looking forward to some intentional harvesting and planting this summer so that I can grow my own remedies.


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