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Organic Ways of Getting Rid of Pests in the Garden

In my garden I use no chemicals, pellets, or sprays. I develop healthy soil through composting, mulching, and planting to attract the beneficial insects that hunt the bad bugs. Gardeners know to live with bugs and accept them for the value that they add. If they don’t add value, and attack our plants and our bodies, well, then they are dead to us (literally). Please join me for this round-up of projects to rid your garden and home of pests, organically!14 Totally Organic DIY Projects to Get Rid of Pests Safely and Naturally

To me, having an organic garden means I accept some bugs that I don’t want. Like the ants who farm aphids on my broad beans and the yellow jackets who pester me at mealtime (because they gobble up those aphids. Ha! Take that, ants!). I embrace spiders (not literally). Spiders eat mosquitoes and I really, really hate mosquitoes. I’m one of those people who those little blood-suckers LOVE. And also one of those people whose mosquito bites swell into big, pink, goose eggs that drive me utterly insane. My first line of defense against mosquitoes are these inexpensive but very effective citronella CANdles.

A Thrifty DIY Citronella Candle Project plus a bunch of other great natural pest control ideas

How to Make Citronella CANdles

For those times you may not have your handy dandy candles with you, spritz on some of this all-natural bug spray.

All-Natural Bug Spray recipe and many other great organic pest control ideas!

How to Make All-Natural Bug Repellent

Yellow jackets can also be quite the pain in the you-know-what. They hunt your BBQ dinner and can really crash the party. This DIY wasp trap is a crafty recycling project that attracts them in no time (to their demise…mwahaha)!

DIY Wasp Trap from a Recycled Bottle plus a bunch of other great natural pest control ideas

How to Make a Wasp Trap from a Plastic Bottle

Fruit flies are another annoyance buzzing around food. This DIY fruit fly trap can be made with just a few things you likely have on hand right now.

How to make a fruit fly trap that works and lots of other great DIY pest control ideas How to Make a Super Simple Fruit Fly Trap That Works!

There are also some more localized pests you may encounter in your garden like wireworms, strawberry root weevils, and the European chafer beetle.

How to Make a Wireworm Trap

How to Remove Strawberry Root Weevil Grubs

How to Combat the European Chafer Beetle

The best way to fight the pest war is to grow a healthy garden. Starting with strong plants that get enough light, nutrition, and water means that they are more able to withstand persistent pest attacks. To dig into what might be going wrong in your garden, have a look at this CSI: Horticulture post:

CSI Horticulture - What's Wrong with my Plants

CSI Horticulture: Organic Control of Plant Disease

While you are at it, why not start an army of bugs that are working for you? It’s easier than you think to attract the good guys.

Attracting Beneficial Insects to Your Garden and lots of other great ideas for pest management!

How to Attract Beneficial Insects

Once you’ve got an army, treat them well and provide those helpful insects with winter shelter.

How to Build a Bug Hotel

Bug hotel wall art

Jazz Up the Outdoors with DIY Bug Hotel Fence Art

Let’s not forget the birds! Our feathered friends make a great dent in the bad bug population. So give them a stylish home,

Green Roof Birdhouse DIY and lots of other ways to organically control pests in your garden

Green Roof Birdhouse

To Make You Smile Birdhouses and lots of other ways to organically control pests in your garden

Trash to Treasure Birdhouses

feed them,

DIY Wild Bird Suet Feeder

Put Backyard Birds on a Pedestal with this Flowerpot Bird Feeder

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

and give them water.

Bee a Good Garden Host: Make a Bee Bath

Gardening with Kids: Easy DIY Birdbath


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  2. Thanks for this awesome post! I just created a resource with a bunch of tips on maintaining a pest-free home and garden, and a lot of them are DIY. Thanks again for sharing!

  3. I have a garden and am trying to apply theses strategies to get rid of pest. Very useful info.


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