Smudge Your Campfire With Sage To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Smudge Your Fire to Keep Away Bugs!

Whether you are camping or enjoying a little backyard entertaining around a firepit, you can easily keep mosquitoes at bay by tossing in a few herb branches.

Smudge  your campfire or fire pit with sage to keep the mosquitoes away!

Mosquitoes hate herbs like lavender, mint, lemon balm, sage, and of course, citronella.Smudge your campfire with lavender to keep mosquitoes and bugs away!

Toss a few branches of herbs fresh or dry into the fire and what smells heavenly to you, will send bugs packing!

Even if you don’t have a firepit, then you can still create bug-repelling smoke. Making your own citronella candles is easy and inexpensive if you use recycled materials. See how to make these Citronella CANdles here:

How to Make Citronella Candles

For an extra line of defense, you could also spritz on this all-natural bug repellent that really works!

All Natural Bug Spray


There are plenty more mosquito-repelling plants that you can add to your landscape. See them on my eBay blog:Mosquito repelling plants for your garden

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  1. Allison Taylor
    Allison TaylorApril 27,16

    If there is fire around you, mosquitoes won’t get any closer, as they are repelled by the smoke. There is no need of throwing lavender or something else in the fire, as the smoke will keep them away. Smokers also repel mosquitoes with cigarettes.

    It is a good idea to make the atmosphere around the fire pit a little more romantic, though, by throwing lavender in the fire. The aroma will make you feel calm and relaxed. :)

    Regards, Allison from Gardening Services London

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