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30+ Sweet Handmade Ideas for Garden Wedding Favors

Are you planning a wedding with a rustic or garden theme? Gardens are a glorious setting for your special day. They offer a wealth of natural decor and charm. Whether your wedding is set at a formal garden estate or in a simple backyard flower garden, here are a few handmade garden wedding favors your guests will love.30+ Handmade Favors for a Garden Wedding

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Natural Beauty Favors

Treat your guests with a little pampering after the celebration.

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Mini Gardens

What better way for your guests to remember all the fun they had? Give them a little garden to take home.

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Sowing the Seeds of Love

Do you want to spread some gardening love? Give your guests seeds! Here are few adorable ways to package them:


Give your guests some mood lighting to take home.


The best gifts are the ones you can eat!

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