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Dreaming of a Green Christmas with Natural + Recycled Gift Wrap Ideas

The holiday season doesn’t have to be pocketbook-draining or a time to create a mountain of waste! This guide is full of natural and recycled gift wrap ideas that will give you a green Christmas for your holiday gifts. They are festive, creative, and perfectly suited to a no-waste holiday. 

Gifted tri-green colored candle with evergreen decor and twine wrapped around

Are you dreaming of a green Christmas? One that celebrates plants and all the beauty of nature with a whole lot less waste? Now that’s my kind of holiday celebration!

I’ve been crafting up all sorts of holiday goodies like bath bombs, soaps, tub teas, and so much more. I spend so much time making sure that they’re not filled with artificial fragrances and colors, and use only plant-based natural scents. Then, I’ll adorn them with dried herbs and flower petals, and when it comes time to wrap them up, what’s a girl to do?

Head out to the garden, of course!

Natural and Recycled Gift Wrap Ideas

There are so many different ways you can wrap gifts that are not only eco-friendly, but they are truly beautiful, too! Here are some of my favourite ways to give your gifts that final touch.

gift with twine and herb wrapping

Monogrammed Herbal Drawer Fresheners

Natural Jute Twine

No matter the season, my go-to ribbon is jute twine. While it’s essential in the garden for tying up unruly vines or making wreaths, it also works perfectly to tie gift tags on jars and boxes for gift giving. I love the texture and rustic feel that jute adds to any gift.

Herbal Bath Salts in Weck Jar with Jute Twine and Label

Garden Clippings

A sprig of evergreen or a branch of berries looks prettier than any pre-made bow I’ve ever seen. Get some pruners or sharp scissors, head out to the garden, and clip something green to tuck into the twine.

If you are not sure which plants to reach for, I’ve put together an entire post that lists the best garden greenery for crafts and which ones to avoid. The last thing you want to do is snip a few sprigs to decorate your gifts with, only to have them smell like cat urine the next day (I’m looking at you, boxwood).

greenery for gift wrapping

From the Recycling Bin

You probably already have a stash of cellophane wrap, gift bags, ribbons, and boxes that you can use for wrapping.

They may not look brand-new, but I’m sure that’s the last thing on the mind of your giftee—they are getting a thoughtful gift from you after all! I know I would greatly appreciate both the gift and the green gesture.

Evergreen Clipping Paper Gift Tag with Twine

Recycled Gift Tags & Labels

If you’re reusing gift bags and boxes, you’ll also need to add a new gift tag. A clever way to make them is to use a tag punch to create gift tags from some of the cards you’ve received.

Birthday cards, Christmas, or whatever have you, a tag punch will quickly make three to four new gift tags out of one previously enjoyed card.

Tag punched gift tags from old Christmas cards

Stamped Gift Tags

A set of letter stamps and some plain gift tags can be a pretty way to give instructions on how to use your gift. I did that for this tub tea project. I love the rustic look of these letters!

Homemade gift tags with letter stamps

Printable Gift Tags

Grab some recycle paper and put it into your printer and make your own gift tags using pretty printable tags. I chose to hand-letter the gift names on these, but you could easily choose a fun font and print them instead.

Printable gift tags on candles and bath salts

Printable Labels

Homemade gifts don’t come with instructions, and some of the things you make might look so good, but they can also be a bit confusing as to what they are. The handmade soap could look so pleasing that your friend thinks it’s fudge. It’s happened to me! Now I always add a label to let my pals know what they are getting (and save them from eating bath products).

These round labels come in 2″ and 2.5″ diameter to fit the top of a regular mouth and wide-mouth canning jar, respectively. Print them on full sheet label paper and use a 2″ or 2.5″ craft punch to cut out perfect circles. Here are more instructions for how to print and cut out labels.

homemade gift labels on candle and bath salts

Mason Jars

Who doesn’t love a gift in a beautiful glass jar? Mason jars are incredibly useful and versatile. I actually collect Mason jars! So every time I get a gift in a jar it’s like getting two gifts in one.

Need some gifts you can make in bulk? Jars are your friend! I made 30 of these teeny-tiny herb finishing salts in miniature Kilner jars for an event. The wooden spoon was the perfect added touch too.

herb finishing salt in a Kilner jar with gift tag and greenery

Fabric and Textiles

Consider wrapping your gift in textiles that become part of the gift. You could wrap home-baked goodies in a hand-stamped napkin, use a knit washcloth to wrap handmade soap, or make a felted pot cover for a plant.

green felt cover for a cactus plant wrapped with twine

Join the Botanical Beauty Holiday Gifts Workshop

Ok, so now you have a TON of natural and recycled gift wrap ideas, and you need something to go inside, amiright?

Why not join me to make holiday gifts this year? Head over to the Botanical Beauty Holiday Gifts Workshop where we’re crafting botanical bath salts, tub teas, lotion bars, and bath bombs.

See you there!

Garden Therapy Botanical Beauty Handmade Gifts Workshop

More Holiday Gift Ideas to Try:


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