Christmas candle wreath tutorial

Gather Around this DIY Christmas Candle Wreath

If you want an elegant, natural centerpiece for the holiday table this year but also crave a project that is simple and quick to make, this DIY Christmas candle wreath is just the thing. The natural elements and cozy, flickering candle will make everyone want to gather around the table to bask in its beauty. And it looks so impressive, nobody will believe how fast you made it!

How to make a natural, elegant DIY Christmas candle wreath

The beauty of this project is that you only need small branches to fill up the wreath, so it is a great way to use up leftover materials from wreath making or excess Christmas tree snippings. Just be sure to look for branches with a strong stem. Branches with a flimsy stem won’t poke into the foam well.

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How to Make a DIY Christmas Candle Wreath

Light up the holiday table with this DIY Christmas candle wreath


DIY christmas candle wreath tutorial

Make it!

Glue the wreath form onto the cork trivet, so that the candle can be placed inside the foam ring on top of the cork.

Use dry floral foam, there is no need to keep the branches wet or put them in water. They will slowly dry and last a few weeks, after which they can then be composted.

How to make a DIY Christmas candle wreath

Cut evergreens to be only two to three inches of leaves with one inch of stem. You can cut longer branches into multiple sections to make the smaller pieces.

Start around the edges with small cuttings that stay close to the form. Poke the stems directly into the foam form. The strength of the woody stems should be enough to create a hole on their own, but you can use a thin nail to start the hole if necessary.

A DIY Christmas candle wreath tutorial

Keep going all the way around the outer edge of the wreath form.

An easy DIY holiday centerpiece

Then fill in a second layer of a different type of greenery around the outer edge, cascading over the first layer a bit.

Make this simple DIY Christmas candle wreath for a stunning holiday centerpiece

Fill in the inside with a spiky branch that stands up, like Fraser fir. This creates a ring for the pine cones to sit in and decorates the outside of the hurricane glass.

A festive DIY Christmas centerpiece with greenery and pinecones from the backyard

Set the wreath on a cake stand and add the pine cones in the space around the wreath.

DIY Christmas candle wreath tutorial

Nestle the candle into the center.

Make this super simple Christmas centerpiece with natural elements from the backyard!

Set the table and enjoy!

Christmas candle wreath tutorial


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