Cranberry Candle Table Decoration Plus More Super Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

Simple Christmas Decorations That Anyone Can Do

You don’t have to be a decorating wizard to create beautiful and striking holiday decorations. Here are some simple Christmas decorations for dressing up your home for the holidays while spending only precious minutes on the task.

Gorgeous Cranberry Candle Table Decoration plus more Super Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

Float Away With Me

Floating cranberries and evergreens in a large vase makes for a simple and festive holiday table decoration. You can add clippings from attractive outdoor plants like holly and succulents as I have done in this festive holiday flower arrangement or you can simply add a few floating candles and light them up. This will last you for a few weeks as long as you change out the water when it starts to turn pink (every 4 days or so). The cranberries will last many water changes; they are used to being in water (they are bog plants) and they don’t decompose quickly. Read more about festive uses for cranberries here.Easy Cranberry Candle Table Decoration plus more Super Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

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Firefly Wreath

Make a simple wreath with a big impact my wrapping a battery-operated set of string lights around a grapevine wreath. If you want, add an ornament, and hang. Turn on the lights and in just a few minutes you have a gorgeous decoration for your door or wall. Look for battery operated lights with an on/off switch cycles automatically as it saves battery life without you needing to remember to turn it off. I haven’t quite figured out how many hours the cycle is but it seems to work well in my favor. If they ever are off when I like to have them on I just flick the switch and they cycle from there. Smart!easy grapevine and string lights wreath

Making a fresh evergreen wreath is not that difficult, but it does take a little bit more time than these other projects. If you have the desire to make one, you can see how to do it here. Once you have a wreath, here’s an ad on that will really make it shine: wrap a string of decorative pinecone lights, again with the battery pack, and flick the switch. Here are some string lights with stars, pinecones, or snowflakes that would work well!Evergreen Wreath Easy plus more Super Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

Pinecone Lights plus more Super Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

Pinecone Trees

Make a table centerpiece by topping a few glass candle holders with pinecones. Set them on a dish and add a few clippings of evergreens, and you have a centerpiece for a buffet table or atop the fireplace. Bonus points for flocking the pinecones with a bit of white craft paint on the edges.Easy Pinecone Table Decoration plus more Super Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

Stars, Balls, and Evergreens

Decorate the holiday table by setting a few of the smaller branches you pruned from your Christmas tree on the table cloth, and add a few ornaments like this birch star and red glass balls. There. Now you have table decor for a holiday dinner or buffet. Or move these over to the fireplace mantle for quick and easy decorations.Super Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas


Set up festive words with scrabble tiles amid your display. Try FaLaLa, Merry Merry, or Xmas Time for a good use of the “8-point X”.easy holiday scrabble tile decoration plus more Super Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

+ Bonus

If you find yourself with 20 minutes, some pinecones and a hot glue gun, you can make up these pinecone spheres as well. They take more than a few minutes, but it still isn’t a difficult project. See how to make them here.

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Super easy ways to decorate for the holidays that make you look like a superstar!

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    Danielle ConnorDecember 22,15

    Maybe it’s time for Christmas decoration. I will decorate my home today and I will use some of these ideas. Thank you for this post Stephi!

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseDecember 22,15

      Hi Danielle, I’m always surprised how much joy can come from just a few festive additions. Happy holidays!

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