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Garden Therapy Seed Collection Exclusive Ideas and Resources

Note: My Garden Therapy Seed Collection Kits are no longer available. However, you can still use the resources linked on this page to create your own kits and gardens! 

Hi there! If you’ve come to this page it’s because you have bought at least one of the Garden Therapy Limited Edition Seed Collection Kits. First of all, I want to say a big thank you! I hope the kit is bringing a little garden therapy into your life.

Since we’re on this gardening journey together, I want to share with you my best tips and ideas for growing and using the Garden Therapy Seed Collections. I have been busy growing all eight collection in my home and garden, so you can bet I’m coming up with a lot of new ideas for recipes, natural beauty products, and plenty more as I watch my gardens grow.

yellow costa calendula

This page is where I’ll be sharing exclusive resources, recipes, and ideas that relate to the Garden Therapy Seed Collections. I’ll keep it updated as I come up with new things, so check back regularly to get in on the fun.

For starters, I want to offer you even more tips on seed starting with my eBook Get Growing! Expert Seed-Starting for the DIY Gardener. I know that seed starting was covered in the instructions in your kit, but if you want to know even more, this book covers everything from choosing seeds, planting, setting up grow lights, saving seeds from the garden to plant next year, and more. Since you bought one of my kits, I want to offer you the eBook for free! To get yours, click here and when you go to purchase it, enter the code that I sent you in my snail mail letter. This will let you download the eBook directly to your computer for free.

Take a look through the list below to learn about all of the Garden Therapy Limited Edition Seed Collections and see what I’ve been doing with them. Be sure to come back again soon, because I’ll be updating this page with new information on a regular basis.

Patio Pollinators Seed Collection

The perfect kit to help start your very own bee or butterfly garden. You can show pollinators even more love by making a bee bath and a butterfly feeder.

Ornamental Edibles Seed Collection

Garden Therapy Ornamental Edibles Seed Collection Lettuces

These plants look as pretty in the garden as they are tasty on my plate. I can’t wait to come up with new recipes for all of them!

Kids’ Garden Seed Collection

kids' garden tool set and limited edition seeds with packets you can color

For even more expert advice on one of the seeds in this collection, check out this guide to growing cucamelons.

Edible Flowers Seed Collection

My edible flowers have been so prolific that I’ve been adding them to salads every single day. See how to properly  harvest and prepare edible flowers, make a flowerfetti salad, and infuse your own delicious chive blossom vinegar.

Superfoods Seed Collection

These superfoods are even more jam-packed with nutrients than regular garden-grown veggies, which is saying a lot!

Natural Beauty Seed Collection

Use the flowers from this seed collection to make your own signature botanical perfume. I’ve also been using the calendula from this collection to make these healing lotion bars.

Mason Jar Sprouts Seed Collection

This is probably the easiest and fastest type of gardening out there. Plus, it’s super rewarding when you’re munching on delicious homegrown sprouts!

Window Herb Garden Collection

If your window herb garden is doing as well as mine is, you might need a few ideas as to what to do with all your herbs! Here are some suggestions:

I hope this page gives you some inspiration and helpful tips that you can use at home. I’d love to know how your garden is growing and what recipes, crafts, and projects you’re doing with your homegrown Garden Therapy plants. Let me know by sending me an email!

Be sure to check back here often for even more resources, freebies, and tips.