Indoor Plant Arrangements Essential Guide

Playing with Houseplants for Indoor Garden Therapy

Houseplants can be a creative muse for indoor design projects. They can look a whole lot different than the simply-potted African violet in its plastic nursery pot and foil wrapper. There are indoor plant projects that can suit every style, you just have to find what suits you.indoor plant arrangements essential guide

There was a time when I killed every houseplant that I brought home. I suppose that it was because I didn’t spend much time or thought caring for them. Most times, they were some common tropical plant with no name that I planted in whatever pot I could find (or that they came in) and set them on a table to be forgotten. Sure, I might have watered them every week or two, whether they needed it or not. And that was enough to keep them alive, albeit not looking very attractive. Houseplants do need a lot more care than simply remembering to water them. Light pruning, fertilization, and occasional transplanting will go a long way to keeping indoor plants happy. It’s not all that much work, really, but if you are going to remember to care for your houseplants, then they should fit your lifestyle.

My relationship with houseplants changed dramatically when I started playing with them in design projects. Indoor plant arrangements, creative projects, a wall planter, indoor herbs, a table top water garden, and a living wreath have turned me into an indoor plant aficionado. While my home isn’t a jungle of overgrown tropicals and sprouting spider plants hanging from the ceiling, I do have a number of indoor plants to manage. Each one is a creative outlet and I take joy in caring for them.

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Houseplants for Indoor Garden Therapy

If you want to find a way to get your garden therapy indoors, then it’s time to look at what your personal style is and find the plants that are right for you. I’ve started writing a series of articles on houseplants that can help them fit into your life (as opposed to you slaving over their needs!). Some of these articles are here on Garden Therapy, and others I have written for some of the websites and blogs that I contribute to such as Angie’s List, and I will continue to update this list, so be sure to bookmark it or pin it to find the plants that are right for you and your style.


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  1. Deborah
    DeborahNovember 17,16

    I’m the opposite…I used to have my house full of plants, and when we moved to a different house, somehow I lost my green thumb! I now have one house plant…a hoya that I got from my parents years ago. Fortunately it doesn’t like a lot of water because I always forget to water it!

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